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Brooke Shields Books, Brooke Shields poetry book Battles of English History Authors: Hereford Brooke George
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Published Date: 1895
Categories: Battles
It has been the business of my life to teach history: and the informal division of labour which comes to pass in a University has led me to pay special attention to the military side of it. This aspect of history involves much comparison of statements and weighing of evidence, and is therefore calculated to be very useful to those for whom the study of history is, not their permanent occupation, but the means of completing their mental training. Campaigns and battles present in an exceptionally clear shape the stock problems of history, what was done, why it was done, what were the results, what ought to have been done, what would have been the consequences if this or that important detail had been different. It is however not easy to gain from books a clear general idea of a campaign or a battle, harder perhaps than to obtain a similar grasp of the work of a legislator, or of the drift of a social change.

Brooke Shields Books, Brooke Shields poetry book The Secret Caribbean Authors: Brooke Comer
Publisher: Hunter Publishing, Inc
Published Date: 1998
Categories: Travel
This is more than just your run of the mill travel book--this is a guide to fantasy. Whether you want to share elbow room in the playgrounds of the rich and famous, or just dream of an escape to the crystal waters, clear blue skies and white sands of the Caribbean, this guide will help you to transform such lofty dreams into an affordable reality. With colorful insights into the history of each location, Secret Caribbean transports you into the adventure of the past, while beckoning you to realize your fantasies in the here and now. Pleasantly written with a gentle to the eye lay-out, this book will appeal to many readers, not just those planning a getaway to their own secret hideaway. -- Amazon review "... an inspiration! I'm ready to rediscover the Caribbean!" -- Penelope Ann Miller "Fabulous facts and finds. I can't wait to go on vacation!" -- Julie Moran, Entertainment Tonight

Brooke Shields Books, Brooke Shields poetry book Lights, Camera...Travel! Authors: Alec Baldwin, Bruce Beresford, Sandra Bernhard, Richard E Grant, Neil LaBute
Publisher: Lonely Planet
Published Date: 2011-10-01
Categories: Travel
Lights, Camera...Travel! Travel stories from screen storytellers including Alec Baldwin, Brooke Shields, Richard E Grant, Neil LaBute, Bruce Beresford and Sandra Bernhard. Since the ancient Greeks, actors have been society's storytellers. And ever since Hollywood first left the back lot, these storytellers have been traveling to far-flung corners of the world to tell those tales. We decided to ask some of the most widely traveled people in the film industry to sit down and tell us their own stories - personal, inspiring, funny, embarrassing and human experiences from their time on the road. Edited by Andrew McCarthy (Pretty in Pink, Less Than Zero, National Geographic Traveler contributing editor) and Don George (A Moveable Feast, Tales from Nowhere, National Geographic Traveler contributing editor).

Brooke Shields Books, Brooke Shields poetry book It's the Best Day Ever, Dad! Authors: Brooke Shields
Publisher: HarperCollins
Published Date: 2009-04-21
Categories: Juvenile Fiction
Wake up, Dad! We've got a big day ahead! Frankie and her little sister, Violet, are excited to be out and about with Dad! From pancakes to puppies to a super-duper surprise, the order of the day is F-U-N. The gifted actress, author, and mother Brooke Shields pairs with the delightful Cori Doerrfeld for this joyful book about dads and daughters and the love they share.

Brooke Shields Books, Brooke Shields poetry book Down Came the Rain Authors: Brooke Shields
Publisher: Michael Joseph
Published Date: 2005
Categories: Actors
When actress Brooke Shields gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter, Rowan, she felt like the luckiest woman in the world.But moments later, everything changed. For months after the birth, all Brooke could do was lie in bed and stare at the wall. When she wasn't sobbing her heart out she felt desperate and isolated, and she dreaded Rowan's presence. Whenever she looked at her daughter, a numbness swept over her and froze her to the core. All Brooke wanted to do was kill herself.Although she didn't realise this at the time, Brooke was suffering from postnatal depression, a crippling condition that affects one in ten new mothers.With astonishing honesty and a refreshingly wry sense of humour, Brooke Shields writes about her battle with postnatal depression, and her slow path to recovery. In this brave and warm memoir, she lifts the lid on this taboo subject that is still widely misunderstood, giving hope to the countless women who suffer from this debilitating illness.

Brooke Shields Books, Brooke Shields poetry book Welcome to Your World, Baby Authors: Brooke Shields, Cori Doerrfeld
Publisher: Harper Collins
Published Date: 2008-06-24
Categories: Juvenile Fiction
A little girl welcomes her new baby sister home from the hospital and takes joy in telling and showing her all the activities and experiences they will share.

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