Alnaschar Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Here's yer toy balloons All sizesA
Twenty cents for that It risesA
Jest as quick as that 'ere MissB
Twice as big Ye see it isC
Some more fancy Make it squareD
Fifty for 'em both That's fairD
That's the sixth I've sold since noonE
Trade's reviving Just as soonE
As this lot's worked off I'll takeF
Wholesale figgers Make or breakF
That's my motto Then I'll buyG
In some first class lotteryH
One half ticket numbered rightI
As I dreamed about last nightI
That'll fetch it Don't tell meH
When a man's in luck you seeH
All things help him Every chanceJ
Hits him like an avalancheK
Here's your toy balloons Miss EhL
You won't turn your face this wayM
Mebbe you'll be glad some dayM
With that clear ten thousand prizeN
This 'yer trade I'll drop and riseN
Into wholesale No I'll takeF
Stocks in Wall Street Make or breakF
That's my motto With my luckO
Where's the chance of being stuckO
Call it sixty thousand clearP
Made in Wall Street in one yearP
Sixty thousand Umph Let's seeH
Bond and mortgage'll do for meH
Good That gal that passed me byG
Scornful like why mebbe IG
Some day'll hold in pawn why notQ
All her father's prop She'll spotQ
What's my little game and seeH
What I'm after's her He heH
He he When she comes to sueR
Let's see What's the thing to doR
Kick her No There's the perlissR
Sorter throw her off like thisR
Hello Stop Help Murder HeyM
There's my whole stock got awayM
Kiting on the house tops LostS
All a poor man's fortin CostT
Twenty dollars Eh What's thisR
Fifty cents God bless ye MissR

Bret Harte (francis)


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