It’s not in my nature,
To backdown and turn my back,
It’s not like l have no shoes,
But the journey is quiet,
It’s my affection l’m scared of,
Being as pure as a Nun.

At the center l scrolled a future,
Every time l say it out,
In a hospital l wake up.
Are there any eternity wipes,
I wish to seal the ocean waves.
In my dreams l killed myself,
I wrote book and the ending l hate,
It’s my pot l blame for the soup.

There’s no Santa but don’t tell me.
Is there a reason why, where or how ?
I fear not the wound ,
But the scar l will keep for life.
Is it the moon that needs darkness,
Or maybe it’s the darkness that needs the moon ?
A dirge my foot,
There is no better melody than silence!