Mortal Shower Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I met my butt in a PittsburghA
hotel room My faceB
still looks like my faceB
but not my butt my hairC
no longer resembles an adD
for Jell O pudding people thoughtE
it was chocolate pudding for yearsF
so thickG
and rich There was fogH
in the bathroom and then not fogH
I faced my faceB
and then not my face the mirrorI
staring at my assJ
winked at the mirrorI
staring at my faceB
and the future was definedK
as an effortL
to use the word sag in my resumeM
Have sagged willN
sag am looking for a positionO
in which to maximize my saggingP
potential I once caredQ
what went on back there aboutR
the extent of grip and rise justS
as some birds craveT
the reddest plumage and I propositionedU
mirrors watched women s eyesV
follow turned in shop windowsW
to see if my pantsX
fit their purpose Then loveY
and car payments love and the sofaZ
needs to be moved love and her grandmotherI
dies my grandmotherI
dies loveY
and she comes home and I m thrilledA2
by her coat and voiceB2
and the brown habit of her eyes SheC2
likes my ass and liesV
about its travels how it s lostD2
focus and there are wattlesE2
to come please GodF2
if denturesG2
only partials may DependsH2
be cheap in bulk and the earthI2
generous with its telepathy I mJ2
in Pittsburgh tonightK2
and with herI
mirrors don t scare meC2
room service is a gasJ
because she s alive I m a giantL2
a tight assedM2
titan because she s aliveN2
and saysO2
come home the Honda needsP2
new brakes a robin flewQ2
into the window todayR2
but shook it off justS
dizzy stunnedU
by reflectionO

Bob Hicok


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