The Melody Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The youth in the woods spent the whole day longA
The whole day longA
For there he had heard such a wonderful songA
Wonderful songA
Willow wood gave him a flute so fairB
A flute so fairB
To try if within were the melody rareB
Melody rareB
Melody whispered and said I am hereC
Said I am hereC
But while he was listening it fled from his earC
Fled from his earC
Oft when he slept it to him creptD
It to him creptD
And over his forehead in love it sweptD
In love it sweptD
When he would seize it his sleep took flightE
His sleep took flightE
The melody hung in the pallid nightE
In the pallid nightE
Lord O my God take me thereinF
Take me thereinF
The melody rare all my soul doth winF
My soul doth winF
Answered the Lord 'T is your friend aloneG
Your friend aloneG
Though never an hour you it shall ownG
You it shall ownG

Bjarnstjerne Bjarnson


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