Bill Knott Time Poems

  • 1.
    The clock is dressed in drag, I mean it wears
    space instead of its own proper aspect
    but if it wore time, would it disappear
    isn't visibility an effect
  • 2.
    Many decades after graduation
    the students sneak back onto
    the school-grounds at night
    and within the pane-lit windows
  • 3.

    In retrospect the tragic nature
    of sea is a taste wept too daily,
  • 4.
    Meadow of matchsticks,
    soon to be rekindled
    by Spring the incendiary.

  • 5.
    Always your face like a space
    (Destination: beautiful) ship
    Empties its mote of closeup trace
    Down screens that blink blank blip
  • 6.
    Time, time, time, time, the clock
    vaccinates us.
    and then even that lacks
  • 7.
    Here at the height of the day night change
    The color of the sky is uncertain,
    The sky depending in which direction
    One's eye strains, each of its swatches a strange
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