Depression loves to sob with passion
She's a spoilt brat with class
Lavishing on her selfish lust,
Melanncholic's hard earned emotion
Deception lured her to celebrate Moods
With tears at all times
And promised to bring her a Felix Culpa
Whose lilt heals souls
She decides to throw a fete,the biggest ever
Went to the factory of Cry down the soul
Ordered for customised Weeping ,
Got rivers of tears with hysteria
Rented two convertible domes from eyes
Mounted her stage in the platform of Mouth
Positioned two giant speakers in the corridor of Ears
Published the party throughout her whole geography
And City of Visage bubbles with brannigan
Street of Philtrum and Canthus avenue held up in traffic
Gnanthiom and environs drunk with tears to stupor
The whole country of Body shut down for days
They sent for consolation corps to stop her awful racket
Invited comforter's cops to arrest her idiosyncrasies
None could suffice
Party was far from over,but Music changed irrevocably
Suicide crept in "nichodemously" to steal the show
Mounted with teleported grace aided by "spiritism"
Then began him to sing the dirge of hara-kiri from the studio of Heart
At deaf tone decibel,he dropped his grenade
And glorified majestically out of a detonating empire
Of a crumbling orgy a mission accomplished