I hear echoes of different angry voices
Saying we are tired of suffarance
Faith makes them sit with their bellies empty
They have hope
Just as a farmer waits for astonishing score line from his seeds
You came and gave us assurance

Convinced by your good characters, we sang
Our messiah has arrived
The battle has been won. Good water, employment and protection
Nethertheless we have been choked by our own hands
Scorching in the sun, just to get one drop of water
Our youngsters failing to get a taste of education

Public promises where never meant to be broken
We gave you what you wanted, our finger
In black ink praising your name on that paper
We still can't feed but now you can
We sit in agony because of your blow
As the child who regrets the rede he denied

Life has been a tough journey for us
Smiling with reception, we we're fooled
We optimized the wrong car