Who Is Kator Anyhow? Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Why oh why was Kater liftedA
From the darkness where he driftedA
All unknown and raised to honourB
Side by side with Dick O'connorB
In the Council free from rowB
Who is Kater anyhowC
Did he lend our armies rallyD
Like the recent Billy DalleyD
Did he lend a Premier moneyD
Like No libels here my sonny Ed BD
Was he like John Davies foundE
Very useful undergroundE
Not at all his claim to gloryD
Rests on quite another storyD
All obscure he might have tarriedE
But he managed to get marriedE
And to cut the matter shorterB
Married William Forster's daughterB
So when Henry Edward KaterB
Goes to answer his creatorB
Will the angel at the wicketE
Say on reading Kater's ticketE
quot Enter for you're no impostorB
Son in law of Billy Forster quotE

Banjo Paterson


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