Who is Arthur Symons

Symons in 1906 Arthur William Symons (28 February 1865 – 22 January 1945), was a British poet, critic and magazine editor.

Life Born in Milford Haven, Wales, to Cornish parents, Symons was educated privately, spending much of his time in France and Italy. In 1884–1886 he edited four of Bernard Quaritch's Shakespeare Quarto Facsimiles, and in 1888–1889 seven plays of the "Henry Irving" Shakespeare. He became a member of the staf...
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Arthur Symons Poems

  • Mauve, Black, And Rose
    Mauve, black, and rose,
    The veils of the jewel, and she, the jewel, a rose.

    First, the pallor of mauve, ...
  • Nora On The Pavement
    As Nora on the pavement
    Dances, and she entrances the grey hour
    Into the laughing circle of her power,
    The magic circle of her glances, ...
  • Laus Virginitatis
    The mirror of men's eyes delights me less,
    O mirror, than the friend I find in thee;
    Thou lovest, as I love, my loveliness,
    Thou givest my beauty back to me. ...
  • To A Dancer
    Her eyes across the footlights gleam,
    (The wine of love, the wine of dream)
    Her eyes, that gleam for me! ...
  • Opals
    My soul is like this cloudy, flaming opal ring.
    The fields of earth are in it, green and glimmering,
    The waves of the blue sky, night's purple flower of noon,
    The vanishing cold scintillations of the moon, ...
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I Love You 50 Love 50 Night 45 Heart 44 White 30 Soul 27 Life 26 Light 25 Desire 25 World 23

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Comments about Arthur Symons

  • Theeternalbts_: in their eyes is their magic. - arthur symons
  • Peterdamianent1: villa borghese arthur symons a grace of winter breathing like the spring; solitude, silence, the thin whispering of water in the fountains, that all day talk with the leaves; the winds, gentle as they, rustle the silken garments of their...
  • Poeticshowcase: "the mystic too full of god to speak intelligibly to the world." ~ arthur symons
  • Riili_8: -arthur symons, from by the pool at the third rosses; images of good & evil: poems, 1899
  • Samuraiko: and the only world is the world of my dreams, and my weaving the only happiness; for what is the world but what it seems? and who knows but that god, beyond our guess, sits weaving worlds out of loneliness? - the loom of dreams, arthur symons
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