Az Mo Life Poems

  • 1.
    Life has changed in many ways,
    But thoughts of you stayed the same.
    I lost count in the number of days,
    But each day my love grew like a flame.
  • 2.
    Let us replace,
    This little joy.
    The bitter taste,
    That we enjoy.
  • 3.
    The wounds will heal,
    With hours that pass.
    What you feel,
    Spills from your glass.
  • 4.
    There are no perfect words
    Just moments and thoughts
    We're from different worlds
    Where nothing lasts
  • 5.
    I thought it was easy,
    But then it happened,
    A moment is all it took and a scar, forever was engraved.
  • 6.
    I'm glad these feelings inside stayed
    For me to look back at those days.
    When we didn't think of times being late,
    When the heart shaped stars were our place.
  • 7.
    You are my poison
    That keeps me alive,
    From all the nonsense
    This world subscribes.
  • 8.
    I am no saint nor insane,
    I am human only by name.
    I weep, I laugh, I am humane,
    I feel both pleasure and pain,
  • 9.
    I lost myself more than once;
    I lose myself, find myself.
    Time to time I've even seen hell,
    A voice waking me up from death.
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