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I have been writing poetry since I was a child. My main area of poetry is romance although I do try to explore other areas. I am learning and I hope to be a better writer and a better person....
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  • The Slow Love Song...
    Woke up with an empty feeling,
    Missing you in my surrounding.
    In my bed I kept on wishing,
    Hoping I'd never stop dreaming. ...
  • Darling, Just For You...
    Oh my love you are missed so much,
    Within these walls a constant thought.
    Sweet thoughts with you, gentle and soft,
    The softness I keep thinking of. ...
  • Precious Words
    I know we've come a long way,
    I know I'm no longer a part of you.
    Yet I remember like it was yesterday,
    Precious words that were few. ...
  • Forever Yours
    Love, I wish I could hold you close, be yours.
    Be the one you wake up to, with or without those clothes,
    Caressing you from your head to your toes,
    At times greet you with a simple rose ...
  • Dream
    I only dream of a future,
    Where you alone could belong in.
    Where you alone could be my lover,
    Where loving you is not a sin. ...
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Pathan Moinkhan: You are a wonderful poet! Keep penning! :)
Confidence Diamond : You are a very talented poet and I hope to learn from you

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