Tenderflower Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


By a certain road sprouts a tender FlowerA
Thence implanted by Natures untrimmed causeB
Will it grow a fruiting TreeC
Giving Proceeds in yearly spreeC
Or plucked by the ignorant handsD
Of pruning Children plying the roadE
On cheerless erranderies witherA
Or neighboured by Thistles thus it provesF
Choked by them to deathG
Thus becoming an unreflective effectH
Disproving the planter's GraceI
Or by the Sun chided to witherA
Or the Rain's pelting handsD
Submerged to the other worldsJ
Or carried to unnative landsD
Of inactivitiesD
Could this prove the farmer's goalK
Whose toils are never vainfullK
Or give him great delightL
Whose genius is never faultyC
Or who can bear to look at the sunM
With his native eyes unstoppedC
Or bid the sky stop its sweatful toilsD
Or its bidder be he less reckonedC
Or torrents of darkness at nightC
Would there be no bid for the dayC
Or burning brightness by the dayC
Could there be sun at nightC
Or its bidder be he less reckonedC
O woeful dayC
Let me by this shade a rest borrowN
Before I to my hut swipeO
Aha Sweetest sweetness in sweats of sorrowN
The birds by this shade lures me sleepP
Thus has the erstwhile tender Flower grownQ
Giving shade to the tired and groaningR
And shelter for the Birds that flownQ
For its Planter has never been sleepingR

Awoke Godswill
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 10/28/2020

Poet's note: This poem is an affirmation of trust in the Almighty's power to sustain and pilot the live of his creation to great achievements. The poet sees himself as a tenderflower with many obstacles to overcome in order to be able to survive but trusts on his Maker to carry him along through the thorny road of life.


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