Who is Awoke Godswill

Awoke U. Godswill hails from Eastern Nigeria. He is really from a humble background, but has deep interest in life and believes in making a reasonable impact on people's lives....
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Awoke Godswill Poems

  • I Have Come To Hate Love
    Love, I love thee
    That keeps man's mind
    In its calmest state
    And filleth the heart ...
  • Unlimited Potential 1
    Never a thought of chance conceive
    For thou comes to the earth a filled ink:
    To write the course thy life may sieve;
    And it to work as the day doth blink. ...
  • Unlimited Potential
    To get to the world of thy desires
    Fully must thee exert thy potentials
    –Nothing changes unless thee do–
    To seat and whine with not a glide ...
  • The Mind
    The mind is a fertile soil,
    On it must something toil:
    Either a positive thought is planted,
    Or negative thoughts sprouted. ...
  • Ironies
    A world of complex ironies
    How my actions breed uncertainties–
    That I should desire change,
    Yet cherish antique hedge; ...
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