Revenge Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


its brutalA
to desist revengeB
you ache from the frictionC
and burst into a beautiful flameD
you forge the finest piece of steelE
that cuts thru every bitter wave that you go thruF
but you're notG
defined by your worstH
you're not the fire that yearnsI
for retaliation instead you seek to reciprocateJ
all the energy that was invested into nurturing you upK
and try to forget how cold and wet they kept you before nowL
some daysM
steel cuts itselfN
and you bleed from woundsO
that you indirectly inflict upon yourselfN
some days you draw too close to the fire for warmthP
reminiscing how the cold used to cage you like a captiveQ
and now the heat of the fire like night tales tardily refreshesR
your retentiveness and before you recollect snap you're burnt afreshS
then youF
learn again quicklyT
how to find peace by the sea waterU
away from the fire canvassing the tides within youF
and you find yourself againV
the power within you to find solaceW
all by yourself and discipline every dour will thatX
knocks heavily on your door for the exchange of unyielding thoughtsY
i never want to revengeB
it burns it hurts like a wound that's supposed to heal but never willZ

Authur Michael Tupu
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 11/22/2021

Poet's note: This is a sequel to a number of notes, poems and quotes in my personal journal's 'notestoself' series. It is difficult to fight the urge to revenge, given we all are imperfect beings, but I think we should always do– fight to avoid revenge. It's good for our health, to make a habit to forgive, even the unaccounted and unforgivable.


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