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  • Goodbye
    you died and
    i can’t follow you.

    you journeyed to a world ...
  • You And I
    Singing there with the blue jays,
    Leading a joyful song,
    I twirl with you in the leaves,
    Nothing is going wrong. ...
  • Where Are You?
    Where are you?
    I can't find you.
    You are lost,
    Lost from the world....
  • Ugly Things
    Broken nails,
    Forgotten details.

    Split crisp hair, ...
  • Flowers
    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Not all people are thoughtful,
    That doesn't include you. ...
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Color 2 Orange 2 Avoid 1 Save 1 Enjoy 1 Graceful 1 Walking 1 Yellow 1 Cool 1 Afraid 1

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Phoenix Moore: Astra is Elise, it's a nickname.
Katherine Green: Who's Elise?
Phoenix Moore: You're Poems are great Elise! You show great talent!

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