Wadhurst Park; An Exiles Recollections Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Wadhurst Park exists a place out of timeA
A singular house atop stepped green terraces encompassed by wooded Sussex hillsB
Warm magical summer evenings amber lights streaming through sheets of crystal onto tall Moorish columns and tented canopyC
The murmur of dinner guest conversations from the drawing roomD
Tiny tea lights glinting in the vastness of the orangery reflected in cool marble floorsE
Shadowy secret places Bright sunlit skies refracted in an ornamental pond where orfe dart neath green lily padsF
Silver birch and willow draping fragile fingers against vaulted roofsG
Whilst older denizens tower over remnants of a Gothic pastH
Walled gardens somnolent with the lazy hum of insects over fallen fruitI
The tinkle of water tumbling from the leaden lips of a Roman God like voices of faeryJ
And far away deer grazing by a lake and all about and farther yet the woods and pastures of EnglandK
Glenn AdamsL

Ashley Adams
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 12/03/2021

Poet's note: I worked at wadhurst park as a houseman. It was such a beautiful place I never forgot my time there and it holds a magical memory for me. I wanted to portray my feelings of nostalgia and loss of the time and place to me.


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