Tears rolled down in her
Cheeks with no limits
Nobody knews it,
The real feeling
She's a good actor that
She hide her emotions well
And, she's tired of smiling
But inside she's dying
She understood that
everybody hates her
without any reason
She tolerated it for hours
And she expressed it alone
Loneliness, sadness, despondency, rejection, isolation,lack of companions , forsakenness are her friends
Wherever she is there,
This gang also,
Would be there
Nobody knews it
The real feeling
She didn't even thought that ,one day,
Her loved ones would
make her burst into tears
Sometimes she's not glad to live here
Nobody knew it
The real feeling
She believed that fools
are those,
Who believe that smile is a sign of happiness
Nobody can see the depression of her,
Because she just smile always
She always try to make others happy,
Because she knew how horrible it is to
Feel worthless
Nobody knew it
The real feeling