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Mary Alice Walton (1865–1954) was an American classicist and archaeologist and Professor Emerita of Latin at Wellesley College. She was "prominent among the first generation of American women who combined a close knowledge of the ancient sites with teaching in a women's college".


Walton graduated from Smith College in 1887, and gained her PhD in 1892, from Cornell University, with a thesis on the cult of Asclepius. Her thesis was reissued in 1979, after her death as "Asclepios: the Cult of the Greek God of Medicine".Following her PhD Walton was a Fellow of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens from 1892 to 1894 and 1895–96, returning again in 1910–11. She also served as a Fellow in the American Academy in Rome in 1903–04 and 1922–23. S...
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Mary Alice Walton Poems

  • Why I Love Them
    I would tell thee of Stella, how she made glad the hours,
    So oft calling mother with strewn wreaths and flowers,
    Blue eyes fondly glancing, and gleefully dance,
    While singing so gayly or skipping, perchance....
  • Waiting, Ever Waiting
    Waiting, dreaming, waiting, by some flowing mystic rill,
    Waiting, hoping, waiting, strong desires my spirit fill;
    Waiting, restless waiting, Oh! could I join the busy throng,
    Waiting, patient waiting, for right to triumph over wrong....
  • Voices Hushed
    I stood in the mossy gateway,
    And thought of years gone by;
    Then tapped on latticed windows,
    Heard naught only my sigh....
  • Under The Rod
    Blind and helpless alone I wait;
    The way seems dark and prayers too late,
    My anguished soul sends forth the cry,
    Father save me, ere I die;...
  • Transition
    The home of my soul, worn and weary,
    And pierced by the rocks of old time,
    The windows grown dim and the key-boards
    Were mute to the wind's whispered chime....
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