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  • Chaplin
    The sun, a heavy spider, spins in the thirsty sky.
    The wind hides under cactus leaves, in doorway corners. Only the wry

    Small shadow accompanies Hamlet-Petrouchka's march - the slight ...
  • Black On Black
    Serrations of chimneys
    Stone-black perforate
    Velvet-black dark.
    A tree coils in core of darkness. ...
  • Bells, Pool And Sleep
    Bells overbrim with sound
    And spread from cupolas
    Out through the shaking air
    Endless unbreaking circles ...
  • Sea
    (Windless Summer)

    Between the glass panes of the sea are pressed ...
  • Last Word To Childhood
    Ice-cold fear has slowly decreased
    As my bones have grown, my height increased.
    Though I shiver in snow of dreams, I shall never
    Freeze again in a noonday terror. ...
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Light 8 Touch 7 Sea 7 Wind 7 Sun 6 World 6 I Love You 5 Love 5 Dark 5 Smile 5

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Jackshebang: thank you to esta charkham for sharing this it’s by arthur seymour john tessimond asj tessimond
Faust89823700: arthur seymour john tessimond - sea 1 (windless summer) between the glass panes of the sea are pressed patterns of fronds, and the bronze tracks of fishes.
Mueroporsalir: “cats: no less liquid than their shadows offer no angles to the wind. they slip, diminished, neat through loopholes less than themselves; will not be pinned.“ -arthur seymour john tessimond
Faust89823700: a hollow core, shell in a shell. useless to produce their path to infinity or turn it to a moral symbol, for their flight is ambiguous, upwards or downwards as you please; their fountain is frozen, their concertina is silent. arthur seymour john tessimond
Cailinceltic: and people will smile without reason, even in winter, even in the rain. day dream - arthur seymour john tessimond imagery - emilie legar
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