Dipsychus - Part Ii Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis

Rhyme Scheme: A B CDEEFFGHHIIJK L CDMMNNO PPFFF QRS QQTUVV O OOVVWWXXYYYYOOZZA2A2 B2C2 D2 E2E2 F2D2G2G2H2H2F2D2F2D2 I2I2J2J2F2D2 VVC2C2C2C2F2D2 K2K2L2L2VVF2D2 C2C2 VVC2C2 C2 C2 M2MM2M M2M2M2M2 MMMM VVM2M2N2N2 VMC2MFM2E M2M2 FUC2MFM2 M2M2M2M2 MC2MC2 O2C2O2C2 H2H2TTC2C2C2 C2C2VVP2P2 VVAAVZZ P2P2O2 Q2M2Q2M2 R2ER2E MC2MC2 P2P2P2P2C2C2 L2L2 S2S2FFM2P2 VVFFM2P2 T2T2VVM2P2 U2V2C2C2M2P2 C2C2W2W2M2P2 VVC2C2M2P2 R2U2C2C2M2P2 T2T2C2C2M2P2 C2C2M2M2M2P2 VVFFM2P2 S2S2FFM2P2 VM2 VVVVM2P2 P2P2X2X2C2C2Y2Y2Z2A3 M2M2C2C2M2M2C2C2C2C2 M2M2P2P2B3B3 P2P2P2P2M2P2 C3C3L2L2C2C2D3D3F2P2 C3C3C2C2M2M2P2P2C2C2 F2P2 P2 N2N2B3B3P2P2P2P2P2P2 M2M2EEC2C2M2M2N2N2 C3C3L2L2C2C2X2X2F2P2 C3C3M2M2J2J2N2N2F2P2 N2N2P2E3 M2 M2P2P2M2 M2M2M2M2 M2M2M2M2 F3SSF3 M2C2C2M2 M2N2G3M2A3C2C2 P2P2M2S2S2C2M2C3H3S2 N2P2N2P2C2J2M2 X2 F2C2M2C2M2P2C2E3C2M2 M2C2N2N2C2 M2M2C2C2C2C2 X2X2 N2N2P2P2P2P2C2C2M2M2 C2C2M2M2 C2 C2C2C2P2P2 M2 M2C2M2 P2P2N2 N2P2P2M2M2C2C2E3E3 C2C2P2 N2 P2C2M2I3P2N2X2M2P2C2 J3N2 K3C2C2S2P2S2M2C2C2L3 C2N2N2C2C2S2M2M2N2P2 M2S2C2M2 C2P2M2C2C2P2M2C2X2C2 M2N2M2M2M3C2M2A3M2N3 N2M2MX2N2N2 M2M2S2M2M2C2S2O3M2C2 M2P3C2C2S2M2C2X2 S2M2P2C2X2M2X2X2N2S2 M2C2X2M2C2Q3C2P2P2M2 C2 X2M2S2N2M2P2 C2M2N2N2P3M2P2C2P2M2 N2P2S2S2MC2P2P2C2R3P 2N2W2C2C2N2C2M2C2M2S 2S2X2C2S2P2P2 P2M2C2N2C2N2E3C2P2M2 P2M2C2 C2C2C2C2 S2S2M2M2C2C2C2C2C2 P2P2P2P2C2C2M2M2C2C2 C2C2 C2 S2C2P2C2S2S3C2M2N2C2 T3P2X2P2C2P2M2 M2M2M2N2M2C2C2M2M2M2 C2P2M2C2P2C2C2C2N2M2 S2C2C2C2C2N2C2C2C2H3 P2U3M2M2MC2M2FC2C2X2 C2C2M2C2P2M2P2FE3C2C 2M2S2M2M2M2M2P2M2N2M 2X2M2M2X2N2M2S2M2V3N 2M2M2S2M2N2M2S2C2M2P 2S2M2C2M2P2 M2X2M2M2N2X2C2C2X2M2 C2M2M2C2M2C2P2M2P2N2 P2P2M2P2M2C2M2P2M2N2 S2 P2P2P2M2P2 M2M2 C2P2C2 P2P2P2 C2C2P2M2C2C2N2M2P2M2 C2C2N2 C2M2M2C2C2C2C2C2 C2C2S2S2P2P2C2C2C2C2 C2C2A3A3P2P2N2N2C2C2 C2 M P2P2C2N2M2C2P2C2S2M2 X2C2U3E3S2M2L2C2P2M2 C2M2N2M2S2P2M2E3M2 N2C2S2C2 C2C2C2C2M2M2C2C2C2C2 M2M2C2C2C2C2M2M2M2M2 P2 C2C2 P2 P2P2P2N2C2W3C2 P2S2P2M2C2N2M2E3X2 M2M2P2P2M2M2C2C2C2 P2P2M2M2C2C2P2P2P2 P2M2M2 C2X2J3Q3C2M2MS2W2N2C 2C2S2C2M2J3R3X3S2C2E 3M2N2N2M2C2M2C2C2C2S 2K3M2C2C2M2C2P2MC2M2 M2S2L3Y3C2M2C2FFE3FX 2C2N2C2M2C2M2N2N2C2M 2S2M2FP2N2M2S2C2M2M2 C2C2C2X2C2P2C2C2C2P2 M2 X2X2M2C2P2N2 C2C2C2C2 P2P2P2C2C2C2C2C2C2C2 C2C2 N2 Q3FC2C2M2FC2 C2M2C2C2C2M2C2C2FFW3 C2C2W3 C2C2C2C2C2M2C2C2C2C2 W3 M2 C2N2C2C2C2C2C2X2C2C2 X2S2M2C2N2P2C2M2M2P2 C2P2S2M2P2N2M2C2M2M2 M2N2C2C2M2 C2S2M2C2X2C2M2C2C2C2 N2M2C2C2M2C2 FFFC2C2C2P2P2 N2 N2N2M2M2P2C2 P2 C2C2 N2N2C2C2Z3Z3M2M2 M2M2S2S2C2C2C2C2C2C2 C2C2M2M2N2N2 C2C2M2M2M2M2C2C2M2M2 C2C2M2M2C2C2 P2 M2M2M2M2P2P2P2P2 C2C2 C2C2N2N2 C2 C2C2C2 C2C2 P2P2N2N2C2C2C2C2 M2

Scene IA
The interior Arcade of the Doge's PalaceB
Sp Thunder and rain O dear O dearC
But see a noble shelter hereD
This grand arcade where our VenetianE
Has formed of Gothic and of GrecianE
A combination strange but strikingF
And singularly to my likingF
Let moderns reap where ancients sowedG
I at least make it my abodeH
And now let's hear your famous OdeH
'Through the great sinful' how did it go onI
For principles of Art and so onI
I care perhaps about three cursesJ
But hold myself a judge of versesK
Di 'My brain was lightened when my tongue had saidL
Christ is not risen '-
Sp Well now it's anything but clearC
What is the tone that's taken hereD
What is your logic what 's your theologyM
Is it or is it not neologyM
That's a great fault you're this and thatN
And here and there and nothing flatN
Yet writing's golden word what is itO
But the three syllables 'explicit '-
Say if you cannot help it lessP
But what you do put put expressP
I fear that rule won't meet your feelingF
You think half showing half concealingF
Is God's own method of revealingF
Di To please my own poor mind to find reposeQ
To physic the sick soul to furnish ventR
To diseased humours in the moral frameS
Sp A sort of seton I supposeQ
A moral bleeding at the noseQ
H'm and the tone too after allT
Something of the ironicalU
Sarcastic say or were it fitterV
To style it the religious bitterV
Di Interpret it I cannot I but wrote itO
Sp Perhaps but none that read can doubt itO
There is a strong Strauss smell about itO
Heavens at your years your time to fritterV
Upon a critical hair splitterV
Take larger views and quit your GermansW
From the Analogy and sermonsW
I fancied you must doubtless knowX
Butler had proved an age agoX
That in religious as profane thingsY
'Twas useless trying to explain thingsY
Men's business wits the only sane thingsY
These and compliance are the main thingsY
God Revelation and the rest of itO
Bad at the best we make the best of itO
Like a good subject and wise manZ
Believe whatever things you canZ
Take your religion as 'twas found youA2
And say no more of it confound youA2
And now I think the rain has endedB2
And the less said the soonest mendedC2
SCENE II In a GondolaD2
Sp Per ora To the Grand CanalE2
Afterwards e'en as fancy shallE2
Di Afloat we move Delicious AhF2
What else is like the gondolaD2
This level floor of liquid glassG2
Begins beneath us swift to passG2
It goes as though it went aloneH2
By some impulsion of its ownH2
How light it moves how softly AhF2
Were all things like the gondolaD2
How light it moves how softly AhF2
Could life as does our gondolaD2
Unvexed with quarrels aims and caresI2
And moral duties and affairsI2
Unswaying noiseless swift and strongJ2
For ever thus thus glide alongJ2
How light we move how softly AhF2
Were life but as the gondolaD2
With no more motion than should bearV
A freshness to the languid airV
With no more effort than exprestC2
The need and naturalness of restC2
Which we beneath a grateful shadeC2
Should take on peaceful pillows laidC2
How light we move how softly AhF2
Were life but as the gondolaD2
In one unbroken passage borneK2
To closing night from opening mornK2
Uplift at whiles slow eyes to markL2
Some palace front some passing barkL2
Through windows catch the varying shoreV
And hear the soft turns of the oarV
How light we move how softly AhF2
Were life but as the gondolaD2
So live nor need to call to mindC2
Our slaving brother here behindC2
Sp Pooh Nature meant him for no betterV
Than our most humble menial debtorV
Who thanks us for his day's employmentC2
As we our purse for our enjoymentC2
Di To make one's fellow man an instrumentC2
Sp Is just the thing that makes him most contentC2
Di Our gaieties our luxuriesM2
Our pleasures and our gleeM
Mere insolence and wantonnessM2
Alas they feel to meM
How shall I laugh and sing and danceM2
My very heart recoilsM2
While here to give my mirth a chanceM2
A hungry brother toilsM2
The joy that does not spring from joyM
Which I in others seeM
How can I venture to employM
Or find it joy for meM
Sp Oh come come come By Him that sent us hereV
Who's to enjoy at all pray let us hearV
You won't he can't Oh no more fussM2
What's it to him or he to usM2
Sing sing away be glad and gayN2
And don't forget that we shall payN2
Di Yes it is beautiful ever let foolish men rail at it neverV
Yes it is beautiful truly my brothers I grant it you dulyM
Wise are ye others that choose it and happy ye all that can use itC2
Life it is beautiful wholly and could we eliminate onlyM
'This interfering enslaving o'ermastering demon of cravingF
This wicked tempter inside us to ruin still eager to guide usM2
Life were beatitude action a possible pure satisfactionE
Sp Hexameters by all that's odiousM2
Beshod with rhyme to run melodiousM2
Di All as I go on my way I behold them consorting and couplingF
Faithful it seemeth and fond very fond very possibly faithfulU
All as I go on my way with a pleasure sincere and unmingledC2
Life it is beautiful truly my brothers I grant it you dulyM
But for perfection attaining is one method only abstainingF
Let us abstain for we should so if only we thought that we could soM2
Sp Bravo bravissimo this time thoughM2
You rather were run short for rhyme thoughM2
Not that on that account your verseM2
Could be much better or much worseM2
This world is very odd we seeM
We do not comprehend itC2
But in one fact we all agreeM
God won't and we can't mend itC2
Being common sense it can't be sinO2
To take it as I find itC2
The pleasure to take pleasure inO2
The pain try not to mind itC2
Di O let me love my love unto myself aloneH2
And know my knowledge to the world unknownH2
No witness to the vision callT
Beholding unbeheld of allT
And worship thee with thee withdrawn apartC2
Whoe'er whate'er thou artC2
Within the closest veil of mine own inmost heartC2
Better it were thou sayest to consentC2
Feast while we may and live ere life be spentC2
Close up clear eyes and call the unstable sureV
The unlovely lovely and the filthy pureV
In self belyings self deceivings rollP2
And lose in Action Passion Talk the soulP2
Nay better far to mark off thus much airV
And call it heaven place bliss and glory thereV
Fix perfect homes in the unsubstantial skyA
And say what is not will be by and byA
What here exists not must exist elsewhereV
But play no tricks upon thy soul O manZ
Let fact be fact and life the thing it canZ
Sp To these remarks so sage and clerklyP2
Worthy of Malebranche or BerkeleyP2
I trust it won't be deemed a sinO2
If I too answer 'with a grin '-
These juicy meats this flashing wineQ2
Maybe an unreal mere appearanceM2
Only for my inside in fineQ2
They have a singular coherenceM2
Oh yes my pensive youth abstainR2
And any empty sick sensationE
Remember anything like painR2
Is only your imaginationE
Trust me I've read your German sageM
To far more purpose e'er than you didC2
You find it in his wisest pageM
Whom God deludes is well deludedC2
Di Where are the great whom thou would'st wisl to praise theeP2
Where are the pure whom thou would'st choose to love theeP2
Where are the brave to stand supreme above theeP2
Whose high commands would cheer whose chiding raise theeP2
Seek seeker in thyself submit to findC2
In the stones bread and life in the blank mindC2
Written in London standing in the ParkL2
One evening in July just before darkL2
Sp As I sat at the caf I said to myselfS2
They may talk as they please about what they call pelfS2
They may sneer as they like about eating and drinkingF
But help it I cannot I cannot help thinkingF
How pleasant it is to have money heigh hoM2
How pleasant it is to have moneyP2
I sit at my table en grand seigneurV
And when I have done throw a crust to the poorV
Not only the pleasure one's self of good livingF
But also the pleasure of now and then givingF
So pleasant it is to have money heigh hoM2
So pleasant it is to have moneyP2
It was but last winter I came up to townT2
But already I'm getting a little renownT2
I make new acquaintance where'er I appearV
I am not too shy and have nothing to fearV
So pleasant it is to have money heigh hoM2
So pleasant it is to have moneyP2
I drive through the streets and I care not a d nU2
The people they stare and they ask who I amV2
And if I should chance to run over a cadC2
I can pay for the damage if ever so badC2
So pleasant it is to have money heigh hoM2
So pleasant it is to have moneyP2
We stroll to our box and look down on the pitC2
And if it weren't low should be tempted to spitC2
We loll and we talk until people look upW2
And when it's half over we go out to supW2
So pleasant it is to have money heigh hoM2
So pleasant it is to have moneyP2
The best of the tables and the best of the fareV
And as for the others the devil may careV
It isn't our fault if they dare not affordC2
To sup like a prince and be drunk as a lordC2
So pleasant it is to have money heigh hoM2
So pleasant it is to have moneyP2
We sit at our tables and tipple champagneR2
Ere one bottle goes comes another againU2
The waiters they skip and they scuttle aboutC2
And the landlord attends us so civilly outC2
So pleasant it is to have money heigh hoM2
So pleasant it is to have moneyP2
It was but last winter I came up to townT2
But already I'm getting a little renownT2
I get to good houses without much adoC2
Am beginning to see the nobility tooC2
So pleasant it is to have money heigh hoM2
So pleasant it is to have moneyP2
O dear what a pity they ever should lose itC2
For they are the gentry that know how to use itC2
So grand and so graceful such manners such dinnersM2
But yet after all it is we are the winnersM2
So pleasant it is to have money heigh hoM2
So pleasant it is to have moneyP2
Thus I sat at my table en grand seigneurV
And when I had done threw a crust to the poorV
Not only the pleasure one's self of good eatingF
But also the pleasure of now and then treatingF
So pleasant it is to have money heigh hoM2
So pleasant it is to have moneyP2
They may talk as they please about what they call pelfS2
And how one ought never to think of one's selfS2
And how pleasures of thought surpass eating and drinkingF
My pleasure of thought is the pleasure of thinkingF
How pleasant it is to have money heigh hoM2
How pleasant it is to have moneyP2
Written in Venice but for all parts trueV
'Twas not a crust I gave him but a sousM2
A gondola here and a gondola thereV
'Tis the pleasantest fashion of taking the airV
To right and to left stop turn and go yonderV
And let us repeat o'er the tide as we wanderV
How pleasant it is to have money heigh hoM2
How pleasant it is to have moneyP2
Come leave your Gothic worn out storyP2
San Giorgio and the RedentoreP2
I from no building gay or solemnX2
Can spare the shapely Grecian columnX2
'Tis not these centuries four for noughtC2
Our European world of thoughtC2
Hath made familiar to its homeY2
The classic mind of Greece and RomeY2
In all new work that would look forthZ2
To more than antiquarian worthA3
Palladio's pediments and basesM2
Or something such will find their placesM2
Maturer optics don't delightC2
In childish dim religious lightC2
In evanescent vague effectsM2
That shirk not face one's intellectsM2
They love not fancies just betrayedC2
And artful tricks of light and shadeC2
But pure form nakedly displayedC2
And all things absolutely madeC2
The Doge's palace though from henceM2
In spite of doctrinaire pretenceM2
The tide now level with the quayP2
Is certainly a thing to seeP2
We'll turn to the Rialto soonB3
One's told to see it by the moonB3
A gondola here and a gondola thereP2
'Tis the pleasantest fashion of taking the airP2
To right and to left stop turn and go yonderP2
And let us reflect o'er the flood as we wanderP2
How pleasant it is to have money heigh hoM2
How pleasant it is to have moneyP2
Di How light we go how soft we skimC3
And all in moonlight seems to swimC3
The south side rises o'er our barkL2
A wall impenetrably darkL2
The north is seen profusely brightC2
The water is it shade or lightC2
Say gentle moon which conquers nowD3
The flood those massy hulls or thouD3
How light we go how softly AhF2
Were life but as the gondolaP2
How light we go how soft we skimC3
And all in moonlight seem to swimC3
In moonlight is it now or shadeC2
In planes of sure division madeC2
By angles sharp of palace wallsM2
The clear light and the shadow fallsM2
O sight of glory sight of wonderP2
Seen a pictorial portent underP2
O great Rialto the vast roundC2
Of thy thrice solid arch profoundC2
How light we go how softly AhF2
Life should be as the gondolaP2
How light we go how softlyP2
Sp NayN2
'Fore heaven enough of that to dayN2
I'm deadly weary of your tuneB3
And half ennuy with the moonB3
The shadows lie the glories fallP2
And are but moonshine after allP2
It goes against my conscience reallyP2
To let myself feel so ideallyP2
Come for the Piazzetta steerP2
'Tis nine o'clock or very nearP2
These airy blisses skiey joysM2
Of vague romantic girls and boysM2
Which melt the heart and the brain softenE
When not affected as too oftenE
They are remind me I protestC2
Of nothing better at the bestC2
Than Timon's feast to his ancient loversM2
Warm water under silver coversM2
'Lap dogs ' I think I hear him sayN2
And lap who will so I'm awayN2
Di How light we go how soft we skimC3
And all in moonlight seem to swimC3
Against bright clouds projected darkL2
The white dome now reclined I markL2
And by o'er brilliant lamps displayedC2
The Doge's columns and arcadeC2
Over still waters mildly comeX2
The distant waters and the humX2
How light we go how softly AhF2
Life should be as the gondolaP2
How light we go how soft we skimC3
And all in open moonlight swimC3
Ah gondolier slow slow more slowM2
We go but wherefore thus should goM2
Ah let not muscle all too strongJ2
Beguile betray thee to our wrongJ2
On to the landing onward NayN2
Sweet dream a little longer stayN2
On to the landing here And ahF2
Life is not as the gondolaP2
Sp Tre ore So The ParthenoneN2
Is it you haunt for your limoneN2
Let me induce you to join meP2
In gramolate persicheE3
SCENE III The Academy at VeniceM2
Di A modern daub it was perchanceM2
I know not but the connoisseurP2
From Titian's hues I dare be sureP2
Had never turned one kindly glanceM2
Where Byron somewhat drest up drawsM2
His sword impatient long and speaksM2
Unto a tribe of motley GreeksM2
His fealty to their good causeM2
Not far assumed to mystic blissM2
Behold the ecstatic Virgin riseM2
Ah wherefore vainly to fond eyesM2
That melted into tears for thisM2
Yet if we must live as would seemF3
These peremptory heats to claimS
Ah not for profit not for fameS
And not for pleasure's giddy dreamF3
And not for piping empty reedsM2
And not for colouring idle dustC2
If live we positively mustC2
God's name be blest for noble deedsM2
Verses well they are made so let them goM2
No more if I can help This is one wayN2
The procreant heat and fervour of our youthG3
Escapes in puff in smoke and shapeless wordsM2
Of mere ejaculation nothing worthA3
Unless to make maturer years contentC2
To slave in base compliance to the worldC2
I have scarce spoken yet to this strange followerP2
Whom I picked up ye great gods tell me whereP2
And when for I remember such long yearsM2
And yet he seems new come I commune with myselfS2
He speaks I hear him and resume to myselfS2
Whate'er I think he adds his comments toC2
Which yet not interrupts me Scarce I knowM2
If ever once directly I addressed himC3
Let me essay it now for I have strengthH3
Yet what he wants and what he fain would haveS2
Oh I know all too surely not in vainN2
Although unnoticed has he dogged my earP2
Come we'll be definite explicit plainN2
I can resist I know and 'twill be wellP2
For colloquy to have used this manlier moodC2
Which is to last ye chances say how longJ2
How shall I call him MephistophilesM2
Sp I come I comeX2
Di So quick so eager haF2
Like an eaves dropping menial on my thoughtC2
With something of an exultation too methinksM2
Out peeping in that springy jaunty gaitC2
I doubt about it Shall I do it Oh ohM2
Shame on me come Shall I my followerP2
Should I conceive not that at all I doC2
'Tis curiosity that prompts my speechE3
But should I form a thing to be supposedC2
A wish to bargain for your merchandiseM2
Say what were your demands what were your termsM2
What should I do what should I cease to doC2
What incense on what altars must I burnN2
And what abandon what unlearn or learnN2
Religion goes I take itC2
Sp OhM2
You'll go to church of course you knowM2
Or at the least will take a pewC2
To send your wife and servants toC2
Trust me I make a point of thatC2
No infidelity that's flatC2
Di Religion is not in a pew say someX2
Cucullus you hold facit monachumX2
Sp Why as to feelings of devotionN2
I interdict all vague emotionN2
But if you will for once and allP2
Compound with ancient JuvenalP2
Orandum est one perfect prayerP2
For savoir vivre and savoir faireP2
Theology don't recommend youC2
Unless turned lawyer heaven should send youC2
In your profession's way a caseM2
Of Baptism and prevenient graceM2
But that's not likely I'm inclinedC2
All circumstances borne in mindC2
To think to keep you in due bordersM2
You'd better enter holy ordersM2
Di On that my friend you'd better not insistC2
Sp Well well 'tis but a good thing miss'dC2
The item's optional no doubtC2
But how to get you bread withoutC2
You'll marry I shall find the ladyP2
Make your proposal and be steadyP2
Di Marry ill spirit and at your sole choiceM2
Sp De rigueur can't give you a voiceM2
What matter Oh trust one who knows youC2
You'll make an admirable sposoM2
Di Enough But action look to that well mind meP2
See that some not unworthy work you find meP2
If man I be then give the man expressionN2
Sp Of course you'll enter a professionN2
If not the Church why then the LawP2
By Jove we'll teach you how to drawP2
Besides the best of the concern isM2
I'm hand and glove with the attorneysM2
With them and me to help don't doubtC2
But in due season you'll come outC2
Leave Kelly Cockburn in the lurchE3
But yet do think about the ChurchE3
Di 'Tis well ill spirit I admire your witC2
As for your wisdom I shall think of itC2
And now farewellP2
SCENE IV In St Mark's Dipsyehus aloneN2
The Law 'twere honester if 'twere genteelP2
To say the dung cart What shall I go aboutC2
And like the walking shoeblack roam the flagsM2
To see whose boots are dirtiest Oh the luckI3
To stoop and clean a pairP2
Religion if indeed it be in vainN2
To expect to find in this more modern timeX2
That which the old world styled in old world phraseM2
Walking with God It seems His newer willP2
We should not think of Him at all but trudge itC2
And of the world He has assigned us makeJ3
What best we canN2
Then love I scarce can thinkK3
That these be maddening discords of the mindC2
To pure melodious sequence could be changedC2
And all the vext conundrums of our lifeS2
Solved to all time by this old pastoralP2
Of a new Adam and a second EveS2
Set in a garden which no serpent seeksM2
And yet I hold heart can beat true to heartC2
And to hew down the tree which bears this fruitC2
To do a thing which cuts me off from hopeL3
To falsify the movement of Love's mindC2
To seat some alien trifler on the throneN2
A queen may come to claim that were ill doneN2
What to the close hand of the clutching JewC2
Hand up that rich reversion and for whatC2
This would be hard did I indeed believeS2
'Twould ever fall That love the large reposeM2
Restorative not to mere outside needsM2
Skin deep but throughly to the total manN2
Exists I will believe but so so rareP2
So doubtful so exceptional hard to guessM2
When guessed so often counterfeit in briefS2
A thing not possibly to be conceivedC2
An item in the reckonings of the wiseM2
Action that staggers me For I had hopedC2
'Midst weakness indolence frivolityP2
Irresolution still had hoped and thisM2
Seems sacrificing hope Better to waitC2
The wise men wait it is the foolish hasteC2
And ere the scenes are in the slides would playP2
And while the instruments are tuning danceM2
I see Napoleon on the heights intentC2
To arrest that one brief unit of loose timeX2
Which hands high Victory's thread his marshals fretC2
His soldiers clamour low the very gunsM2
Seem going off of themselves the cannon strainN2
Like hell dogs in the leash But he he waitsM2
And lesser chances and inferior hopesM2
Meantime go pouring past Men gnash their teethM3
The very faithful have begun to doubtC2
But they molest not the calm eye that seeksM2
'Midst all this' huddling silver little worthA3
The one thin piece that comes pure gold he waitsM2
O me when the great deed e'en now has brokeN3
Like a man's hand the horizon's level lineN2
So soon to fill the zenith with rich cloudsM2
O in this narrow interspace this margeM
This list and salvage of a glorious timeX2
To despair of the great and sell unto the meanN2
O thou of little faith what hast thou doneN2
Yet if the occasion coming should find usM2
Undexterous incapable In light thingsM2
Prove thou the arms thou long'st to glorifyS2
Nor fear to work up from the lowest ranksM2
Whence come great Nature's Captains And high deedsM2
Haunt not the fringy edges of the fightC2
But the pell mell of men Oh what and ifS2
E'en now by lingering here I let them slipO3
Like an unpractised spyer through a glassM2
Still pointing to the blank too high And yetC2
In dead details to smother vital endsM2
Which would give life to them in the deft trickP3
Of prentice handling to forget great artC2
To base mechanical adroitness yieldC2
The Inspiration and the Hope a slaveS2
Oh and to blast that Innocence which thoughM2
Here it may seem a dull unopening budC2
May yet bloom freely in celestial climeX2
Were it not better done then to keep offS2
And see not share the strife stand out the waltzM2
Which fools whirl dizzy in Is it possibleP2
Contamination taints the idler firstC2
And without base compliance e'en that sameX2
Which buys bold hearts free course Earth lends not theseM2
Their pent and miserable standing roomX2
Life loves no lookers on at his great gameX2
And with boy's malice still delights to turnN2
The tide of sport upon the sitters byS2
And set observers scampering with their notesM2
Oh it is great to do and know not whatC2
Nor let it e'er be known The dashing streamX2
Stays not to pick his steps among the rocksM2
Or let his water breaks be chronicledC2
And though the hunter looks before he leapQ3
'Tis instinct rather than a shaped out thoughtC2
That lifts him his bold way Then instinct hailP2
And farewell hesitation If I stayP2
I am not innocent nor if I goM2
E'en should I fall beyond redemption lostC2
Ah if I had a course like a full streamX2
If life were as the field of chase No noM2
The life of instinct has it seems gone byS2
And will not be forced back And to live nowN2
I must sluice out myself into canalsM2
And lose all force in ducts The modern HotspurP2
Shrills not his trumpet of 'To Horse To Horse '-
But consults columns in a Railway GuideC2
A demigod of figures an AchillesM2
Of computationN2
A verier Mercury express come downN2
To do the world with swift arithmeticP3
Well one could bear with that were the end oursM2
One's choice and the correlative of the soulP2
To drudge were then sweet service But indeedC2
The earth moves slowly if it move at allP2
And by the general not the single forceM2
Of the link'd members of the vast machineN2
In all these crowded rooms of industryP2
No individual soul has loftier leaveS2
Than fiddling with a piston or a valveS2
Well one could bear that also one would drudgeM
And do one's petty part and be contentC2
In base manipulation solaced stillP2
By thinking of the leagued fraternityP2
And of co operation and the effectC2
Of the great engine If indeed it workR3
And is not a mere treadmill which it may beP2
Who can confirm it is not We ask actionN2
And dream of arms and conflict and string upW2
All self devotion's muscles and are setC2
To fold up papers To what end I we know notC2
Other folks do so it is always doneN2
And it perhaps is right And we are paid for itC2
For nothing else we can be He that eatsM2
Must serve and serve as other servants doC2
And don the lacquey's livery of the houseM2
Oh could I shoot my thought up to the skyS2
A column of pure shape for all to observeS2
But I must slave a meagre coral wormX2
To build beneath the tide with excrementC2
What one day will be island or be reefS2
And will feed men or wreck them Well well wellP2
Adieu ye twisted thinkings I submit it must beP2
Action is what one must get it is clearP2
And one could dream it better than one findsM2
In its kind personal in its motive notC2
Not selfish as it now is nor as nowN2
Maiming the individual If we had thatC2
It would cure all indeed Oh how would thenN2
These pitiful rebellions of the fleshE3
These caterwaulings of the effeminate heartC2
These hurts of self imagined dignityP2
Pass like the seaweed from about the bowsM2
Of a great vessel speeding straight to seaP2
Yes if we could have that but I supposeM2
We shall not have it and therefore I submitC2
Sp from within Submit submitC2
'Tis common sense and human witC2
Can claim no higher name than itC2
Submit submitC2
Devotion and ideas and loveS2
And beauty claim their place aboveS2
But saint and sage and poet's dreamsM2
Divide the light in coloured streamsM2
Which this alone gives all combinedC2
The siccum lumen of the mindC2
Called common sense and no high witC2
Gives better counsel than does itC2
Submit submitC2
To see things simply as they areP2
Here at our elbows transcends farP2
Trying to spy out at middayP2
Some 'bright particular star ' which mayP2
Or not be visible at nightC2
But clearly is not in daylightC2
No inspiration vague outweighsM2
The plain good common sense that saysM2
Submit submitC2
'Tis common sense and human witC2
Can ask no higher name than itC2
Submit submitC2
SCENE V The Piazza at EightC2
Di There have been times not many but enoughS2
To quiet all repinings of the heartC2
There have been times in which my tranquil soulP2
No longer nebulous sparse errant seemedC2
Upon its axis solidly to moveS2
Centred and fast no mere elastic blankS3
For random rays to traverse unretainedC2
But rounding luminous its fair ellipseM2
Around its central sun Ay yet againN2
As in more faint sensations I detectC2
With it too round an Inner Mightier orbT3
Maybe with that too this I dare not sayP2
Around yet more more central more supremeX2
Whate'er how numerous soe'er they beP2
I am and feel myself where'er I windC2
What vagrant chance soe'er I seem to obeyP2
Communicably theirsM2
O happy hoursM2
O compensation ample for long daysM2
Of what impatient tongues call wretchednessM2
O beautiful beneath the magic moonN2
To walk the watery way of palacesM2
O beautiful o'ervaulted with gemmed blueC2
This spacious court with colour and with goldC2
With cupolas and pinnacles and pointsM2
And crosses multiplex and tips and ballsM2
Wherewith the bright stars unreproving mixM2
Nor scorn by hasty eyes to be confusedC2
Fantastically perfect this low pileP2
Of Oriental glory these long rangesM2
Of classic chiselling this gay flickering crowdC2
And the calm Campanile BeautifulP2
O beautiful and that seemed more profoundC2
This morning by the pillar when I satC2
Under the great arcade at the reviewC2
And took and held and ordered on my brainN2
The faces and the voices and the whole massM2
O' the motley facts of existence flowing byS2
O perfect if 'twere all But it is notC2
Hints haunt me ever of a more beyondC2
I am rebuked by a sense of the incompleteC2
Of a completion over soon assumedC2
Of adding up too soon What we call sinN2
I could believe a painful opening outC2
Of paths for ampler virtue The bare fieldC2
Scant with lean ears of harvest long had mockedC2
The vext laborious farmer came at lengthH3
The deep plough in the lazy undersoilP2
Down driving with a cry earth's fibres crackU3
And a few months and to the golden leasM2
And autumn's crowded shocks and loaded wainsM2
Let us look back on life was any changeM
Any now blest expansion but at firstC2
A pang remorse like shot to the inmost seatsM2
Of moral being To do anythingF
Distinct on any one thing to decideC2
To leave the habitual and the old and quitC2
The easy chair of use and wont seems crimeX2
To the weak soul forgetful how at firstC2
Sitting down seemed so too And oh this woman's heartC2
Fain to be forced incredulous of choiceM2
And waiting a necessity for GodC2
Yet I could think indeed the perfect callP2
Should force the perfect answer If the voiceM2
Ought to receive its echo from the soulP2
Wherefore this silence If it should rouse my beingF
Why this reluctance Have I not thought o'ermuchE3
Of other men and of the ways of the worldC2
But what they are or have been matters notC2
To thine own self be true the wise man saysM2
Are then my fears myself O double selfS2
And I untrue to both Oh there are hoursM2
When love and faith and dear domestic tiesM2
And converse with old friends and pleasant walksM2
Familiar faces and familiar booksM2
Study and art upliftings unto prayerP2
And admiration of the noblest thingsM2
Seem all ignoble only all is meanN2
And nought as I would have it Then at othersM2
My mind is in her rest my heart at homeX2
In all around my soul secure in placeM2
And the vext needle perfect to her polesM2
Aimless and hopeless in my life I seemX2
To thread the winding byways of the townN2
Bewildered baffled hurried hence and thenceM2
All at cross purpose even with myselfS2
Unknowing whence or whither Then at onceM2
At a step I crown the Campanile's topV3
And view all mapped below islands lagoonN2
A hundred steeples and a million roofsM2
The fruitful champaign and the cloud capt AlpsM2
And the broad Adriatic Be it enoughS2
If I lose this how terrible No noM2
I am contented and will not complainN2
To the old paths my soul Oh be it soM2
I bear the workday burden of dull lifeS2
About these footsore flags of a weary worldC2
Heaven knows how long it has not been at onceM2
Lo I am in the spirit on the Lord's dayP2
With John in Patmos Is it not enoughS2
One day in seven and if this should goM2
If this pure solace should desert my mindC2
What were all else I I dare not risk this lossM2
To the old paths my soulP2
Sp O yesM2
To moon about religion to inhumeX2
Your ripened age in solitary walksM2
For self discussion to debate in lettersM2
Vext points with earnest friends past other menN2
To cherish natural instincts yet to fear themX2
And less than any use them oh no doubtC2
In a corner sit and mope and be consoledC2
With thinking one is clever while the roomX2
Rings through with animation and the danceM2
Then talk of old examples to pervertC2
Ancient real facts to modern unreal dreamsM2
And build up baseless fabrics of romanceM2
And heroism upon historic sandC2
To burn forsooth for action yet despiseM2
Its merest accidence and alphabetC2
Cry out for service and at once rebelP2
At the application of its plainest rulesM2
This you call life my friend realityP2
Doing your duty unto God and manN2
I know not what Stay at Venice if you willP2
Sit musing in its churches hour on hourP2
Cross kneed upon a bench climb up at whilesM2
The neighbouring tower and kill the lingering dayP2
With old comparisons when night succeedsM2
Evading yet a little seeking whatC2
You would and would not turn your doubtful eyesM2
On moon and stars to help moralityP2
Once in a fortnight say by lucky chanceM2
Of happier tempered coffee gain great HeavenN2
A pious rapture is it not enoughS2
Di 'Tis well thou cursed spirit go thy wayP2
I am in higher hands than yours 'Tis wellP2
Who taught you menaces Who told you prayP2
Because I asked you questions and made showM2
Of hearing what you answered thereforeP2
Sp OhM2
As if I didn't knowM2
Di Come come my friendC2
I may have wavered but I have thought betterP2
We'll say no more of itC2
Sp Oh I dare sayP2
But as you like 'tis your own loss once moreP2
Di alone Must it be then So quick upon my thoughtC2
To follow the fulfilment and the deedC2
I counted not on this I counted everP2
To hold and turn it over in my handsM2
Much longer much I took it up indeedC2
For speculation rather to gain thoughtC2
New data Oh and now to be goaded onN2
By menaces entangled among tricksM2
That I won't suffer Yet it is the lawP2
'Tis this makes action always But for thisM2
We ne'er should act at all and act we mustC2
Why quarrel with the fashion of a factC2
Which one way must be one time why not nowN2
Sp Submit submitC2
For tell me then in earth's great lawsM2
Have you found any saving clauseM2
Exemption special granted youC2
From doing what the rest must doC2
Of common sense who made you quitC2
And told you you'd no need of itC2
Nor to submitC2
To move on angels' wings were sweetC2
But who would therefore scorn his feetC2
It cannot walk up to the skyS2
It therefore will lie down and dieS2
Rich meats it don't obtain at callP2
It therefore will not eat at allP2
Poor babe and yet a babe of witC2
But common sense not much of itC2
Or 'twould submitC2
Submit submitC2
As your good father did before youC2
And as the mother who first bore youC2
O yes a chid of heavenly birthA3
But yet it was born too on earthA3
Keep your new birth for that far dayP2
When in the grave your bones you layP2
All with your kindred and connectionN2
In hopes of happy resurrectionN2
But how meantime to live is fitC2
Ask common sense and what says itC2
Submit submitC2
SCENE VI On a BridgeM
Di 'Tis gone the fierce inordinate desireP2
The burning thirst for action utterlyP2
Gone like a ship that passes in the nightC2
On the high seas gone yet will come againN2
Gone yet expresses something that existsM2
Is it a thing ordained then is it a clueC2
For my life's conduct is it a law for meP2
That opportunity shall breed distrustC2
Not passing until that pass Chance and resolveS2
Like two loose comets wandering wide in spaceM2
Crossing each other's orbits time on timeX2
Meet never Void indifference and doubtC2
Let through the present boon which ne'er turns backU3
To await the after sure arriving wishE3
How shall I then explain it to myselfS2
That in blank thought my purpose livesM2
The uncharged cannon mocking still the sparkL2
When come which ere come it had loudly claimedC2
Am I to let it be so still For trulyP2
The need exists I know the wish but sleepsM2
Sleeps and anon will wake and cry for foodC2
And to put by these unreturning giftsM2
Because the feeling is not with me nowN2
Seems folly more than merest babyhood'sM2
But must I then do violence to myselfS2
And push on nature force desire that's illP2
Because of knowledge which is great but worksM2
By rules of large exception to tell whichE3
Nought is more fallible than mere capriceM2
What need for action yet I am happy nowN2
I feel no lack what cause is there for hasteC2
Am I not happy I is not that enoughS2
Sp O yes you thought you had escaped no doubtC2
This worldly fiend that follows you aboutC2
This compound of convention and impietyC2
This mongrel of uncleanness and proprietyC2
What else were bad enough but let me sayM2
I too have my grandes mani res in my wayM2
Could speak high sentiment as well as youC2
And out blank verse you without much adoC2
Have my religion also in my kindC2
For dreaming unfit because not designedC2
What you know not that I too can be seriousM2
Can speak big words and use the tone imperiousM2
Can speak not honiedly of love and beautyC2
But sternly of a something much like dutyC2
Oh do you look surprised were never toldC2
Perhaps that all that glitters is not goldC2
The Devil oft the Holy Scripture usesM2
But God can act the Devil when He choosesM2
Farewell But verbum sapienti satisM2
I do not make this revelation gratisM2
Farewell bewareP2
Di Ill spirits can quote holy books I knewC2
What will they not say what not dare to doC2
Sp Beware bewareP2
Di What loitering still Still O foul spirit thereP2
Go hence I tell thee go I will bewareP2
Alone It must be then I feel it in my soulP2
The iron enters sundering flesh and boneN2
And sharper than the two edged sword of GodC2
I come into deep waters help oh helpW3
The floods run over meC2
Therefore farewell a long and last farewellP2
Ye pious sweet simplicities of lifeS2
Good books good friends and holy moods and allP2
That lent rough life sweet Sunday seeming restsM2
Making earth heaven like Welcome wicked worldC2
The hardening heart the calculating brainN2
Narrowing its doors to thought the lying lipsM2
The calm dissembling eyes the greedy fleshE3
The world the Devil welcome welcome welcomeX2
Sp from within This stern necessity of thingsM2
On every side our being ringsM2
Our sallying eager actions fallP2
Vainly against that iron wallP2
Where once her finger points the wayM2
The wise thinks only to obeyM2
Take life as she has ordered itC2
And come what may of it submitC2
Submit submitC2
Who take implicitly her willP2
For these her vassal chances stillP2
Bring store of joys successes pleasuresM2
But whoso ponders weighs and measuresM2
She calls her torturers up to goadC2
With spur and scourges on the roadC2
He does at last with pain whate'erP2
He spurned at first Of such bewareP2
Beware bewareP2
Di O God O God The great floods of the soulP2
Flow over me I come into deep watersM2
Where no ground isM2
Sp Don't be the least afraidC2
There's not the slightest reason for alarmX2
I only meant by a perhaps rough shakeJ3
To rouse you from a dreamy unhealthy sleepQ3
Up then up and be going the large worldC2
The throng'd life waits usM2
Come my pretty boyM
You have been making mows to the blank skyS2
Quite long enough for good We'll put you upW2
Into the higher form 'Tis time you learnN2
The Second Reverence for things aroundC2
Up then and go amongst them don't be timidC2
Look at them quietly a bit by and byS2
Respect will come and healthy appetiteC2
So let us goM2
How now not yet awakeJ3
Oh you will sleep yet will you Oh you shirkR3
You try and slink away You cannot ehX3
Nay now what folly's this Why will you fool yourselfS2
Why will you walk about thus with your eyes shutC2
Treating for facts the self made hues that flashE3
On tight pressed pupils which you know are not factsM2
To use the undistorted light of the sunN2
Is not a crime to look straight out uponN2
The big plain things that stare one in the faceM2
Does not contaminate to see pollutes notC2
What one must feel if one won't see what isM2
And will be too howe'er we blink and mustC2
One way or other make itself observedC2
Free walking's better than being led about andC2
What will the blind man do I wonder ifS2
Some one should cut the string of his dog Just thinkK3
What could you do if I should go awayM2
Oh you have paths of your own before you have youC2
What shall it take to literature no doubtC2
Novels reviews or poems if you pleaseM2
The strong fresh gale of life will feel no doubtC2
The influx of your mouthful of soft airP2
Well make the most of that small stock of knowledgeM
You've condescended to receive from meC2
That's your best chance Oh you despise that OhM2
Prate then of passions you have known in dreamsM2
Of huge experience gathered by the eyeS2
Be large of aspiration pure in hopeL3
Sweet in fond longings but in all things vagueY3
Breathe out your dreamy scepticism relievedC2
By snatches of old songs People will like that doubtlessM2
Or will you write about philosophyC2
For a waste far off maybe overlookingF
The fruitful is close by live in metaphysicF
With transcendental logic fill your stomachE3
Schematize joy effigiate meat and drinkF
Or let me see a mighty work a volumeX2
The Complemental of the inferior KantC2
The Critic of Pure Practice based uponN2
The Antinomies of the Moral Sense for look youC2
We cannot act without assuming xM2
And at the same time y its contradictoryC2
Ergo to act People will buy that doubtlessM2
Or you'll perhaps teach youth I do not questionN2
Some downward turn you may find some evasionN2
Of the broad highway's glaring white ascentC2
Teach youth in a small way that is alwaysM2
So as to have much time left you for yourselfS2
This you can't sacrifice your leisure's preciousM2
Heartily you will not take to anythingF
Whatever happen don't I see you stillP2
Living no life at all Even as nowN2
An o'ergrown baby sucking at the dugsM2
Of instinct dry long since Come come you are old enoughS2
For spoon meat surelyC2
Will you go on thusM2
Until death end you if indeed it doesM2
For what it does none knows Yet as for youC2
You'll hardly have the courage to die outrightC2
You'll somehow halve even it Methinks I see youC2
Through everlasting limbos of void timeX2
Twirling and twiddling ineffectivelyC2
And indeterminately swaying for everP2
Come come spoon meat at any rateC2
Well wellC2
I will not persecute you more my friendC2
Only do think as I observed beforeP2
What can you do if I should go awayM2
Di Is the hour here then Is the minute comeX2
The irreprievable instant of stern timeX2
O for a few few grains in the running glassM2
Or for some power to hold them O for a fewC2
Of all that went so wastefully beforeP2
It must be then e'en nowN2
Sp from within It must it mustC2
'Tis common sense and human witC2
Can claim no higher name than itC2
Submit submitC2
Necessity and who shall dareP2
Bring to her feet excuse or prayerP2
Beware bewareP2
We must we mustC2
Howe'er we turn and pause and trembleC2
Howe'er we shrink deceive dissembleC2
Whate'er our doubting grief disgustC2
The hand is on us and we mustC2
We must we mustC2
'Tis common sense and human witC2
Can find no better name than itC2
Submit submitC2
SCENE VII At Torcello Dipsychus aloneN2
Di I had a vision was it in my sleepQ3
And if it were what then But sleep or wakeF
I saw a great light open o'er my headC2
And sleep or wake uplifted to that lightC2
Out of that light proceeding heard a voiceM2
Uttering high words which whether sleep or wakeF
In me were fixed and in me must abideC2
When the enemy is near theeC2
Call on usM2
In our hands we will upbear theeC2
He shall neither scathe nor scare theeC2
He shall fly thee and shall fear theeC2
Call on usM2
Call when all good friends have left theeC2
Of all good sights and sounds bereft theeC2
Call when hope and heart are sinkingF
And the brain is sick with thinkingF
Help O helpW3
Call and following close behind theeC2
There shall haste and there shall find theeC2
Help sure helpW3
When the panic comes upon theeC2
When necessity seems on theeC2
Hope and choice have all foregone theeC2
Fate and force are closing o'er theeC2
And but one way stands before theeC2
Call on usM2
O and if thou dost not callC2
Be but faithful that is allC2
Go right on and close behind theeC2
There shall follow still and find theeC2
Help sure helpW3
SCENE VIII In the PiazzaM2
Di Not for thy service thou imperious fiendC2
Not to do thy work or the like of thineN2
Not to please thee O base and fallen spiritC2
But One Most High Most True whom without theeC2
It seems I cannotC2
O the miseryC2
That one must truck and pactise with the worldC2
To gain the 'vantage ground to assail it fromX2
To set upon the Giant one must firstC2
O perfidy have eat the Giant's breadC2
If I submit it is but to gain timeX2
And arms and stature 'tis but to lie safeS2
Until the hour strike to arise and slayM2
'Tis the old story of the adder's broodC2
Feeding and nestling till the fangs be grownN2
Were it not nobler done then to act fairP2
To accept the service with the wages doC2
Frankly the devil's work for the devil's payM2
O but another my allegiance holdsM2
Inalienably his How much soe'erP2
I might submit it must be to rebelC2
Submit then sullenly that's no dishonourP2
Yet I could deem it better too to starveS2
And die untraitored O who sent me thoughM2
Sent me and to do something O hard master'P2
To do a treachery But indeed 'tis doneN2
I have already taken of the payM2
And curst the payer take I must curse tooC2
Alas the little strength that I possessM2
Derives I think of him So still it isM2
The timid child that clung unto her skirtsM2
A boy will slight his mother and grown a manN2
His father too There's Scripture too for thatC2
Do we owe fathers nothing mothers noughtC2
Is filial duty folly Yet He saysM2
'He that loves father mother more than me '-
Yea and 'the man his parents shall desert '-
The Ordinance says 'and cleave unto his wife '-
O man behold thy wife the hard naked worldC2
Adam accept thy EveS2
So still it isM2
The tree exhausts the soil creepers kill itC2
Their insects them the lever finds its fulcrumX2
On what it then o'erthrows the homely spadeC2
In labour's hand unscrupulously seeksM2
Its first momentum on the very clodC2
Which next will be upturned It seems a lawC2
And am not I though I but ill recallC2
My happier age a kidnapped child of heavenN2
Whom these uncircumcised PhilistinesM2
Have by foul play shorn blinded maimed and keptC2
For what more glorious than to make them sportC2
Wait then wait O my soul grow grow ye locksM2
Then perish they and if need is I tooC2
Sp aside A truly admirable proceedingF
Could there be finer special pleadingF
When scruples would be intercedingF
There's no occasion I should stayC2
He is working out his own queer wayC2
The sum I set him and this dayC2
Will bring it neither less nor biggerP2
Exact to my predestined figureP2
SCENE IX In the Public GardenN2
Di Twenty one past twenty five coming onN2
One third of life departed nothing doneN2
Out of the mammon of unrighteousnessM2
That we make friends the Scripture is expressM2
My Spirit come we will agreeP2
Content you'll take a moietyC2
Sp A moiety ye gods he heP2
Di Three quarters then O griping beastC2
Leave me a decimal at leastC2
Sp Oh one of ten to infect the nineN2
And make the devil a one be mineN2
Oh one to jib all day God wotC2
When all the rest would go full trotC2
One very little one eh to doubt withZ3
Just to pause think and look about withZ3
In course you counted on no lessM2
You thought it likely I'd say yesM2
Di Be it then thus since that it must it seemsM2
Welcome O world henceforth and farewell dreamsM2
Yet know Mephisto know nor you nor IS2
Can in this matter either sell or buyS2
For the fee simple of this trifling lotC2
To you or me trust me pertaineth notC2
I can but render what is of my willC2
And behind it somewhat remaineth stillC2
O your sole chance was in the childish mindC2
Whose darkness dreamed that vows like this could bindC2
Thinking all lost it made all lost and broughtC2
In fact the ruin which had been but thoughtC2
Thank Heaven or you that's past these many yearsM2
And we have knowledge wiser than our fearsM2
So your poor bargain take my manN2
And make the best of it you canN2
Sp With reservations oh how treasonableC2
When I had let you off so reasonableC2
However I don't fear be it soM2
Brutus is honourable I knowM2
So mindful of the dues of othersM2
So thoughtful for his poor dear brothersM2
So scrupulous considerate kindC2
He wouldn't leave the devil behindC2
If he assured him he had claimsM2
For his good company to hell flamesM2
No matter no matter the bargain's madeC2
And I for my part will not be afraidC2
With reservations oh ho hoM2
But time my friend has yet to showM2
Which of us two will closest fitC2
The proverb of the Biter BitC2
Di Tell me thy name now it is overP2
Sp OhM2
Why Mephistophiles you knowM2
At least you've lately called me soM2
Belial it was some days agoM2
But take your pick I've got a scoreP2
Never a royal baby moreP2
For a brass plate upon a doorP2
What think you of CosmocratorP2
And that you are indeed I do not doubt youC2
Sp Ephesians aint it near the endC2
You dropt a word to spare your friendC2
What follows too in applicationN2
Would be absurd exaggerationN2
Di The Power of this World hateful unto GodC2
Sp Cosmarchon's shorter but sounds oddC2
One wouldn't like even if a true devilC2
To be taken for a vulgar Jew devilC2
Di Yet in all these things we 'tis Scripture tooC2
Are more than conquerors even over youC2
Sp Come come don't maunder any longerP2
Time tests the weaker and the strongerP2
And we without procrastinationN2
Must set you know to our vocationN2
O goodness won't you find it pleasantC2
To own the positive and presentC2
To see yourself like people roundC2
And feel your feet upon the ground ExeuntC2

Arthur Hugh Clough


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