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Arthur Hugh Clough (/klʌf/ KLUF; 1 January 1819 – 13 November 1861) was an English poet, an educationalist, and the devoted assistant to Florence Nightingale. He was the brother of suffragist Anne Clough and father to Blanche Athena Clough who both became principals of Newnham College, Cambridge.

Life Arthur Clough was born in Liverpool to James Butler Clough, a cotton merchant of Welsh descent, and Anne Perfect, from Pontefract in Yorkshire. James Butler Clough was a younger son of a landed gentry family that had been living at Plas Clough in Denbighshire since 1567. In 1822 the family moved to the United States, and Clough's early childhood was spent mainly in Charleston, South Carolina. In 1828 Clough and his older brother Charles Butler ...
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Arthur Hugh Clough Poems

  • Perche Pensa? Pensando S'invecchia
    To spend uncounted years of pain,
    Again, again, and yet again,
    In working out in heart and brain
    The problem of our being here; ...
  • Amours De Voyage - Canto V
    CANTO V.

    There is a city, upbuilt on the quays of the turbulent Arno,
    Under Fiesole's heights, thither are we to return? ...
  • Amours De Voyage - Canto Iv

    Eastward, or Northward, or West? I wander and ask as I wander,
    Weary, yet eager and sure, Where shall I come to my love? ...
  • Amours De Voyage - Canto Iii

    Yet to the wondrous St. Peter's, and yet to the solemn Rotonda,
    Mingling with heroes and gods, yet to the Vatican Walls, ...
  • Amours De Voyage - Canto Ii

    Is it illusion? or does there a spirit from perfecter ages,
    Here, even yet, amid loss, change, and corruption, abide? ...
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Life 62 Heart 56 Love 53 I Love You 53 Great 52 Thought 49 True 47 Away 45 Good 45 Light 44

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  • Habitualmoney: "so pleasant it is to have money, heigh-ho! so pleasant it is to have money." ~ arthur hugh clough
  • Rdg1tw: reading antony kenny's book on arthur hugh clough and gerard manley hopkins. can philosophers write good books about poets.
  • Welfordwrites: thou shalt not covet; but tradition approves all forms of competition. arthur hugh clough
  • Welfordwrites: thou shalt not steal; an empty feat when it’s so lucrative to cheat. arthur hugh clough
  • Plastic_bio: a world where nothing is had for nothing. - arthur hugh clough
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