Lost Love Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Should I fade awayA
or will you wish me gayA
should I leave againB
never to returnC
or perhaps you prefer I stayA
and tell me how to resist the painD
without a price to payA
cos the heart grieves in vainD
from the trauma of yesterday s rainD
when you left me cold in the stormE
only to be scornF
by the lonely nightG
and not held tightG
in your warm embraceH
Though the words re echo in de headI
the heart can t comprehendJ
and the mind seems not to understandK
that its all overL
over between me and youM
wen the memories we sharedN
are still fresh in mindO
could a day pass byP
without a pauseQ
for me not to feel your feeble pulseR
or you desire to curseS
me wid ur flaming yet pretty eyesT
like Medusa s eyeP
couldn t you waitU
or you used me as a baitU
for your golden fishV
without my wishV
then dumped me like a bitch in the ditchW
where we fell for each and none otherL
I had told my motherL
not to worry any longerL
cos I had found loveX
in de hands of anotherL
but now am left speechlessY
at the thoughtZ
of breaking the news of ur betrayalA2
without betraying the heartB2
cos the love for you is stronger than everL

Appiah Joseph
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 11/20/2021

Poet's note: The poem was written in January 2019. I remember the day vividly because it was the day my friend had his heartbroken by a girl. The emotions expressed in the poem are that of confusion, disappointment, and loneliness.


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