Should I fade away?
or will you wish me gay
should I leave again
never to return
or perhaps you prefer I stay
and tell me how to resist the pain
without a price to pay
cos the heart grieves in vain
from the trauma of yesterday’s rain
when you left me cold in the storm
only to be scorn
by the lonely night
and not held tight
in your warm embrace.

Though the words re-echo in de head
the heart can’t comprehend
and the mind seems not to understand
that its all over,
over between me and you
wen the memories we shared
are still fresh in mind
could a day pass by
without a pause
for me not to feel your feeble pulse
or you desire to curse
me wid ur flaming yet pretty eyes
like Medusa’s eye.
couldn’t you wait
or you used me as a bait
for your golden fish
without my wish
then dumped me like a bitch in the ditch
where we fell for each, and none other
I had told my mother
not to worry any longer
cos I had found love
in de hands of another
but now am left speechless
at the thought
of breaking the news of ur betrayal
without betraying the heart
cos the love for you is stronger than ever.