If cassava was made by a seen hand
How long will I long for a tuber
To satisfy my hunger
And my needy neighbor?

The seen hand that labour not
But package a lot,
For a mustard seed
And give away for a melon fruit.

Mine got from the unseen hand
I toil, toil and toil
For multiplication
And not subtraction

To sustain me
My needy neighbor
My dears, and dearest
And for sympathy

I offered to the hand I see
For a mustard seed
Wearing another cloth and make-up
I receive so dear

How then
Will I praise the hand I see
That make mustard seed
Melon fruit?

I am blissful
With the unseen hand
That package not
But gives a lot

For not even a mustard seed.
The cassava,
To satisfy my hunger
And my needy neighbor.