Aondongu Andrew Poems

  • 1.
    It's just so amazing
    How the moon-light waves
    Can X-ray my body
    Even when I am among everyone
  • 2.
    They say; do unto others
    What you want them to do for you
    But you are travelling
    To where you don't know
  • 3.
    The trees clap for the worth-love trip
    That even servantlet smile-at can't be nip
    Anxiously I demanded thy hand
    Demand granted brought thy hand
  • 4.
    The gash beyond healing
    Has respected such
    Over my nanoscale of hope - over you
    But my aorta failed
  • 5.
    The hunted dove
    Yet to be fed on
    Under the hunter's roof
    Here I stand
  • 6.
    If cassava was made by a seen hand
    How long will I long for a tuber
    To satisfy my hunger
    And my needy neighbor?
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