Letting go held the relief I was afraid to feel, Readily held onto the sufferings on my own will.

Too naive to understand what was it all about, Loving someone seemed fascinating, without any doubt.

Time was the barrier to feelings that gradually ran stale,
Focusing on present; something I was accustomed to fail.

End was near and I got aware of all that caused me pain,
Only to realise everything I did was all in vain.

It felt like a nightmare I desperately hoped to end, Too late for the acceptance; Everything had already changed.

Nothing felt sane than to move ahead with a fresh start,
Yet numbness was written over all the matters of heart.

"It was a mistake, I deserve better" I stated,
On my part I knew the statement was too overrated.

There was a part missing and I hoped that it gets filled,
I was yet to discover that emptiness was the first step towards getting healed.

I started to get better with each passing day,
The newfound freedom in my heart was blissful in every possible way.

Journey of openness is still left to reach,
But there's something I'll gladly preach:

It takes complete involvement to know how it truly feels,
Only the complete void in your heart allows you to know it truly heals.

©Anushka Jade