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  • Freedom Of Heart
    Letting go held the relief I was afraid to feel, Readily held onto the sufferings on my own will.

    Too naive to understand what was it all about, Loving someone seemed fascinating, without any doubt.
  • The Dreamer
    Rising too high was a never ending mission,
    All that she felt was purely her ambition.

    As she stood, acting all fine, ...
  • Back-stabbers
    Tired of the lies, so-called fake cries.
    All locked in a cage, with voice full of rage.

    Sickeningly sweet lips, smiling with perfectly white teeth. ...
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Never 2 Afraid 2 Pain 2 Live 2 Desire 2 World 2 Perfect 2 Voice 1 Sweet 1 White 1

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Bliss Carman and Richard Hovey Poem
In A Silence
 by Bliss Carman and Richard Hovey

Heart to heart!
And the stillness of night and the moonlight, like hushed breathing
Silently, stealthily moving across thy hair!

O womanly face!
Tender and strong and lucent with infinite feeling,
Shrinking with startled joy, like wind-struck water,
And yet so frank, so unashamed of love!

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