Taps Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Day is doneA
gone the sunA
From the hillsB
from the lakeC
From the skyD
All is wellE
safely restF
God is nighD
Go to sleepG
peaceful sleepG
May the soldierH
or sailorH
God keepG
On the landI
or the deepG
Safe in sleepG
Love good nightJ
Must thou goK
When the dayL
And the nightJ
Need thee soK
All is wellE
Speedeth allM
To their restF
Fades the lightJ
And afarN
Goeth dayL
And the starsO
Shineth brightJ
Fare thee wellE
Day has goneP
Night is onQ
Thanks and praiseR
For our daysR
'Neath the sunA
'Neath the starsO
'Neath the skyD
As we goK
This we knowK
God is nighD

Anonymous Americas


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