Blow, Northern Wind Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Blow northerne wyndA
Send thou me my suetyngB
Blow northerne wyndA
Blou blou blouC
Ichot a burde in bour e bryhtA
That fully semly is on syhtA
Menskful maiden of myhtA
Feir ant fre to fond eD
In al this wurhlich e wonE
A burde of blod and of bonF
Never yete y nust e nonF
Lussomore in lond eD
With lokk e s lefliche and long eD
With frount and fac e feir to fong eD
With murth e s moni e mote heo mong eD
That brid so breme in bour eD
With lossom ey e grete ant god eD
With browen blysfol under hod eD
He that reste him on the rod eD
That leflich lyf honour eD
Hire lur e lum e s lihtA
Ase a launterne a nyhtA
Hire bleo blykyeth so bryhtA
So feyr heo is ant fynF
A suetly suyre heo hath to hold eD
With arm e s shuldr e ase mon wold eD
Ant fyngres feyr e fort e fold eD
God wolde hue wer e mynF
Middel heo hath menskful smalC
Hire loveliche cher e as cristalC
They e s legg e s fet ant alC
Ywraht is of the best eD
A lussum ledy last e lesG
That sweting is and ever wesG
A betere burd e never nesG
Yhery e d with the hest eD
Heo is der e worthe in dayA
Gracious e stout and gayA
Gentil jolyf so the jayA
Worhlich e when heo wakethH
Maiden murgest of mouthH
Bi est bi west by north and southH
Th eacute r nis fithel e ne crouthH
That such murth e s makethH
Heo is coral of godness eD
Heo is rubie of ryhtfulness eD
Heo is cristal of clanness eD
Ant baner of bealt eacuteA
Heo is lilie of largess eD
Heo is paruenke of prouess eD
Heo is solsecle of suetness eD
Ant ledy of lealt eacuteA
For hir e love y carke ant car eD
For hir e love y droupne ant dar eD
For hir e love my blisse is bar eD
Ant al ich wax e wonF
For hir e love in slep y slak eD
For hir e love al nyht ich wak eD
For hir e love mournynge y mak eD
Mor e then eny monF

Anonymous Americas


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