A Cattleman's Prayer Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Now O Lord please lend thine earA
The prayer of the Cattleman to hearA
No doubt many prayers to thee seem strangeB
But won't you bless this cattle rangeB
Bless the round up year by yearC
And don't forget the growing steerC
Water the land with brooks and rillsD
For my cattle that roam a thousand hillsD
Now O Lord won't you be goodE
And give our livestock plenty of foodF
And to avert a winter's woeG
Give Italian skies and little snowG
Prairie fires won't you please stopH
Let thunder roll and water dropH
It frightens me to see the smokeI
Unless it's stopped I'll go dead brokeI
As you O Lord our herds beholdJ
Which represents a sack of goldJ
I think at least five cents per poundK
Should be the price of beef year roundK
One more thing and then I'm throughL
Instead of one calf give my cows twoL
I may pray different than some others but thenM
I've had my say and now amenM

Anonymous Americas


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