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smexybooks: Smexy Deals- Deals for books by Sophie Sullivan, Cynthia Eden, Sarah Morgan, and more!

apixsun: From out imprisoning petals—velvet, red— Thy soul slips forth in fragrance wondrous sweet— A silent subtle presence—never fled, That makes thy mastery over me complete.... (Angela Morgan)

Songstress28: Kiera Harris, daughter of Morgan Harris murdered by Winnipeg serial killer along with 3 other Indigenous women speaks to media in Ottawa this morning addressing police, ‘If you won’t search the landfill, then we will’

carolsdaryI: can we all give angela kang a round of applause for making season 9 so amazing despite losing rick, maggie, carl and morgan

TalkTV: "The last two Christmases were wrecked by Coronavirus...this year it’s an epidemic of strikes infecting our holiday spirit and the super-spreader is RMT union boss Mick Lynch." Piers Morgan on the wave of Christmas strikes set to hit the UK.

johnros1956: Daily Mail with Angela Rainer is like Piers Morgan with Meghan Markle. They will never be happy

vintagebones: I know which one is Angela Levin, but surely that's not Piers Morgan in the other picture?

OGDuckington: Tell you what if you support harry and Meghan some uk grandmothers are coming to get you, they are as bad as Piers Morgan and Angela Levin and a dash of Andrew Pierce

cbouzy: Angela Levin and Piers Morgan might require a wellness check on Thursday.

maureen_perkin: 点我头像++++++++++++++V Bard Coffey Angela Sharp Brook Sheridan Randolph Tomlinson Pamela Morse Sebastian Morgan Wanda Penn Cedric Blume

notcapnamerica: I will never understand how Angela Bassett didn't get the Oscar for this

AngelaKRockwell: I am thrilled for Morgan & her new home!

wowthatshiphop: Morgan Freeman one “f*ck it” moment away from dropping a trap album of his own

GardZona: 点我头像++++++++++++++V Bennett Monroe Zero Surrey Nat Sebastian Morgan Angela Sharp Armand Wallace Burke Black Cecilia Jones

wallis_ira: 点我头像++++++++++++++++V gooutwhen Bard Coffey Sibyl III. Sebastian Morgan Angela Sharp Bernard Louis Adair Raleign Amelia Hoover

GardZona: 点我头像++++++++++++++V Sebastian Morgan Elvira Hearst Steven Mill Angela Sharp Armand Austin Orville Rutherford Elliot Shaw Bradley Stone

wallis_ira: 点我头像++++++++++++++++V Angela Sharp Betty Goldsmith Verne Charlotte Marian Ruth Sebastian Morgan Bowen Dora Stanford IV. Monroe Buck

StracheyVita: 点我头像++++++++++++++++V Ernest Hugh Sandy MacMillan Angela Sharp Michell Galsworthy Cynthia Alsop(p) Blake Colclough Sebastian Morgan

EtheringtonBros: Our feature artist/tutorial today is by the talented Angela Taratuta (who doesn’t seem to have an internet presence - if someone knows if she’s here on Twitter please comment below). Although everyone’s facial proportions are different, this QUICK FOUNDATION is a useful idea!

JulietNick4: 点我头像+++++++++++++++V Sebastian Morgan Angela Sharp Constance Pound Valerie Dryden Jay Daniell Julie Joseph Dean Broad

YIMAN38111877: I attended last night and spoke about our horrific experience including illegal 5 month exclusions , failure to refer , illegal restraint , there a long list , both boys late dx Autism with a PDA profile . GIRFEC isn’t happening . What happened to the Angela Morgan Report ?

hailsstead: having a moment blame morgan

doorwaygallery: A royal night on the town, captured by the lamplight. Click to purchase this piece!

angela_slotkin: I think the no sleeps more due to not enjoying the disenchanted film as much as I'd hoped it was just not fun seeing Morgan yell at Giselle to the point that Giselle felt lost and didn't feel loved anymore it giving me nightmares so I'm not watching that movie again

vernesa27292271: Wow. So the media and Royal Reporters like Robert Jobson, Richard Eden, Piers Morgan, Angela Levin, Dan Wooten and several more continue with hate and lies that get these deranged people upset and in turn they try to harm Meghan. This is sick and King Charles is doing nothing.

michele321yaho1: Harry and Meghan British media are going to be the down fall of the Royal Family. They have people speaking on their behalf like Piers Morgan Dan Wootton Camilla Tominey Angela Levin Tom Bower many their stories on Harry and Meghan turned out to be lies and turn into bullying.

SistateacherP: Yes! And before that, PBS‘ “The Electric Company“(w/Morgan Freeman,Rita Moreno, etc) and the film “Aaron Loves Angela”.

paulamc45: Stop believing the BM Tabloids and old hags like Angela Levin and very, very, jealous old man Piers Morgan. If you are that gullible I have a Bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

chrisonchris: The AFI selects an Australian woman accidentally born in the U.S. as the 49th recipient of its Life Achievement Award. To date, there have been three non-white honorees (Denzel, Morgan, Sydney). All three were male. Angela. Alfre. Oprah. Halle. Viola. Rita. J Lo. Ava. Regina.

ZyahnaB: Sharing this with hopes that it spreads far and wide. Marlee Morgan is one of the UVA shooting victims. This is one of many ways that we can support her during this time. We must not forget about her.

PostPanhandle: Holidays, 2023 equal new beginnings for New Leaf in Chadron: By Kerri Rempp, Discover Northwest Nebraska Brolin Morgan, Gillie Watson and Angela Lollar, from left, have some fun creating the holiday spirit at The New Leaf in Chadron. Photo by Kerri…

LucyENichol: When you get to see your new book IRL for the 1st time… Piers Morgan once told me to ‘man up’ then blocked me when I challenged his views on mental health. Snowflake is dedicated to anyone who’s ever been called a ‘whiny needy twerp’ for speaking out about MH. Pre order now.

send2gl: How true Piers Morgan, Nick Ferrari, Andrew Neil, Edwina Currie, Angela Epstein, Dame Estha Ranzen and many others. Differing opinion is fine, the aforementioned's abuse was not.

angela_slotkin: Okay I watched first hour of "disenchanted " Amy, Patrick, James&Idina are prefect they jumped right back into they're characters and doing fantastic love hearing Patrick sing&dance . Of course Amy,James&Idina singing is a treat new girl as Morgan is great too but...

LaurenCohanBRA: Lauren Cohan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Melissa McBride, Norman Reedus, Angela Kang, Scott Gimple e Greg Nicotero - The Walking Dead finale event.

LaurenCohanBRA: Lauren Cohan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Melissa McBride, Norman Reedus, Angela Kang, Scott Gimple e Greg Nicotero - The Walking Dead finale event.

TashaEgg95816: Today. By Angela Morgan

TashaEgg95816: More..."Today"by Angela Morgan

LaurenCohanBRA: Lauren Cohan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Melissa McBride, Norman Reedus, Angela Kang, Scott Gimple e Greg Nicotero - The Walking Dead finale event.

LoftyArtista: Morgan Page, Sultan + Ned Shepard, and BT | In the Air feat. Angela McCl...

angela_aban: MORGAN FREEMAN????? GOD????????

espn: Morgan Freeman and BTS star Jung Kook at the FIFA World Cup ceremony! ⚽

nt_mystic: Morgan Page, Sultan + Ned Shepard, and BT | In the Air feat. Angela McCl...

ASGWREALONE: This is hard Men: Chris Diamond Jake Baker Morgan Thompson Gary Reid Female: Angela Banks Kana Kenti Amber Reed Amaya Williams

90min_Football: Hollywood legend, Morgan Freeman ✅ BTS star, Jungkook ✅ Giant floating mascots ✅ The World Cup opening ceremony had it all!

CofEPortsmouth: Please pray for the parishes of Catherington and Clanfield, their clergy Richard Hutchins, Vickie Morgan, Amanda Sim and Joy Windsor, reader Deb Henning-Vears, and PtO clergy Michael Bever, Anne Gothard and Angela Johnson.

FaulknerATHL: Morgan Holland - 20 pts, 8 rebs Nequoia Adams - 12 pts, 7 rebs, 3 stls Kinlee Varnell - 11 pts Lanie Henderson - 10 pts Angela Grant - 9 rebs Faulkner (4-1, 1-0 SSAC)

BrightonAthlete: This is very sad news. Angela Morgan was a lovely lady and a great supporter of club and county athletics. We send our condolences to her family and many friends.

BookBlerd: I just think that Angela Bassett...

Patric__Morgan: Best-selling author Angela Bardot has a way of finding the funny side of life when disastrous situations find her. Find out more about her work here:

Patric__Morgan: Best-selling author Angela Bardot has a way of finding the funny side of life when disastrous situations find her. Find out more about her work here:

mekayama: Morgan Page, Sultan + Ned Shepard, and BT | In the Air feat. Angela McCluskey)

MorganicInk: The campaign for Angela Bassett’s Oscar begins now. Do not eff this up, Academy. Give the queen her crown.

GoDanRiver: Danville Riverview Rotary recently recognized Paul Harris Fellows, inducted Angela Hairston as a new member and welcomed Morgan Clark, the chair of the Rotary Foundation, as the weekly speaker.

Patric__Morgan: Angela Lam is a writing instructor with Gotham Writers’ Workshop. Her previous memoir, Red Eggs and Good Luck, won two prestigious awards. Find out more about her work here:

BeckettUnite: Ian Byrne is endorsed by every major trade union in the UK, Andy Burnham & Angela Rayner. He was voted by ordinary people as MP of the year for setting up food pantries that fed 18,000 in West Derby & his right to food campaign. Ian has led on Hillsborough & De La Salle School.

lawdotcom: According to the court opinion, the movies at the center of this suit starred John Travolta, Morgan Freeman, Samuel Jackson, Sylvester Stallone, Nicholas Cage, and Angela Bassett, among others.

MandDCareltd: We are pleased to announce October’s winners are Angela Pearce, Aaron Reynolds and Sarah Morgan. Congratulations on your achievement! Read more about our employees of the month here;

angela_whi: Gemma Morgan: ‘I could be a good army officer… or a woman’

LKTranslator: BREAKING: I must bring you the shocking news the Piers Morgan show on Talk TV attracted 50% more viewers when Piers Morgan was not presenting it. Even his show's own viewers think he's a dickhead x

MrGee_VIP: Angela Lansbury and Wendy Morgan in Agatha Christie's The Mirror Crack'd (1980)

GregClinker: After they were famous. Luciana Berger - Edelman PR Chukka Umunna - Edelman PR/J P Morgan Angela Smith - private water Chris Leslie - debt collectors CEO Tom Waston - gambling Michael Dugher - gambling Jeremy Cobyn - back bench MP helps at local food bank.

Patric__Morgan: Best-selling author Angela Bardot has a way of finding the funny side of life when disastrous situations find her. Find out more about her work here:

OGDuckington: Piers Morgan Alistair Stewart Anne Diamond Ester Mcvey Nadine Dorries Pete Price Julia Hartley Blower Darren Grimes That weasel Harwood Oakenshite Eamon Holmes Angela Levin If you get news from these, what you thinking? do you get pork chops from the ice cream man too?

AUG_Pamplin: Dr. Angela Morgan, chair of Augusta University’s Department of Music, went on WRDW’s Morning Mix TV show this morning to talk about Friday’s Ensemble 4.1 concert. Check it out!

always0nny: I'd rather have the thought of you To hold against my heart, My spirit to be taught of you With west winds blowing, Than all the warm caresses Of another love's bestowing, Or all the glories of the world In which you had no part. Angela Morgan

always0nny: I'd rather have the theme of you To thread my nights and days, I'd rather have the dream of you With faint stars glowing, I'd rather have the want of you, Angela Morgan

always0nny: The rich, elusive taunt of you Forever and forever and forever unconfessed Than claim the alien comfort Of any other's breast. Angela Morgan

always0nny: O lover! O my lover, That this should come to me! I'd rather have the hope of you, Ah, Love, I'd rather grope for you Within the great abyss Than claim another's kiss- Alone I'd rather go my way Throughout eternity. Choice By Angela Morgan

Seadimo20607315: Royal Family supporters, Angela Levin, Piers Morgan

fox32news: Aurora resident Angela Morgan started having contractions and started making her way to the car to go the hospital, but the baby had other ideas.

35mmPapi: Dropped by Adidas Dropped by Gap Dropped by Balenciaga Dropped by CAA Dropped by JP Morgan No current distro for GOOD Music Niggas: “this is all part of his plan” LMAO.

amal_chatt: Be there! (wish I could be too)

LivEchonews: Courtney's mum, Angela, has shared the impact that witnessing the horrific incident has taken on her older daughter Morgan

harunamahuta: Royalists are threatening Omid Scobie for writing his opinion but are praising Piers Morgan and Richard Eden and Angela Levin who make a living from writing and trashing Prince Harry and Meghan.

HoumaLAHomes: This beautiful Morgan City home is now $166,000! Call Angela for more information: (985) 855-7379.

HoumaLAHomes: This lovely 3 BD/2 BA brick house in Morgan City is now only $166,000! Contact Angela at (985) 855-7379 for more details. To explore the listing, visit

aokinoko26: So I have a friend who’s an executive in JP Morgan Chase and we were talking about the impending recession before the end of 2022 or early 2023. He said middle/upper middle class won’t be affected that much kung steady stream ng income. (1/n)

thelegacyofOz: How much as the cast of “The Wizard of Oz” paid while filming? Judy Garland - $500 weekly Ray Bolger - $3,000 weekly Jack Haley - $3,000 weekly Bert Lahr - $2,500 weekly Margaret Hamilton - $1,000 weekly Billie Burke - $766 weekly Frank Morgan - $2,500 weekly (1 of 2)

ravesbydave: Happy birthday in memory of Angela Lansbury and Ann Morgan Guilbert (Millie-The Dick Van Dyke Show, Yetta-The Nanny).

JBsWhatsOn2: Angela Lansbury, Catherine Zeta‐Jones, Jayne Peterson, Betsy Morgan, Marissa McGowan & Stephan R. Buntrock - The Glamorous Life

Philip_Ellis: Imagine single-handedly fending off a Nazi invasion using witchcraft and that not even being your most iconic or best remembered role. Angela Lansbury had the range.

rachelbovard: So JP Morgan de-banked the National Committee for Religious Freedom for inexplicable reasons but then said they’d let them back in if they SHARED THEIR DONOR LIST.

Patric__Morgan: Angela Lam is a writing instructor with Gotham Writers’ Workshop. Her previous memoir, Red Eggs and Good Luck, won two prestigious awards. Find out more about her work here:

SethRudetsky: Wow. This is amazing to watch again.The celebration after the Bway strike and I got to conduct the orchestra and REHEARSE ANGELA LANSBURY!!! Listen to that voice! Like hearing the OBC album! (I *think* you hear me singing from the pit the one time she stopped.) She was BROADWAY

ProtecttheFaith: One of the greatest actresses has died five days before her 97th birthday. Dame Angela Lansbury 1925-2022

NFLFilms: The legendary Madden and Summerall "Murder, She Wrote" inside joke. Rest in Peace Angela Lansbury.

MsHarrietHarris: She was peerless, and I adored her! Angela Lansbury, the ultimate Dame. I can’t tell you how many times I have thought, “What would Angela do?”

Morgan_D20: Angela Lansbury along with Gloria DeHaven, Holland Taylor, Ruth Roman, Julie Adams, and Kathryn Grayson in an episode of "Murder, She Wrote" in 1989 There will certainly never be another like Angela. Always humble, classy, and talented no matter what<3

kevinddaly: Fun fact: there are live audio recordings of Angela Lansbury in every stage musical she ever did from Anyone Can Whistle to A Little Night Music. Here are excerpts from her closing night in the 1983 revival of Mame, which played like an absolute party.

schaekay1: Lord I see what you’ve done for others if you only could hand some of that Alex Jones penalty to Richard Eden, Emily Andrews, Carole Malone, Angela Levin, Piers Morgan and every so called royal reporter profiting off weaponizing emotional abuse.

kevinddaly: Farewell to the divine Angela Lansbury, an icon, a legend, a superstar, and one of the greatest actors of our time.

televisionary: I’ve interviewed hundreds of people. I will never forget the hour I spent sitting with Dame Angela Lansbury as she told me about the start of WWII, her days as an underage cabaret singer, and tearily telling me she only got to sing the Beauty and the Beast theme song once. ❤️

JinksDan: She could do it all, and she did it over a career that spanned seven decades. RIP Angela Lansbury. You will be missed a lot.

Variety: Actress Angela Lansbury, whose 75-year career encompassed triumphs on the big screen, in musical theater and on television, died on Tuesday.

jamesholod: my favorite footage of Dame Angela is always this of her recording “Be Our Guest.” not only is the acting craftsmanship exquisite, she’s clearly having so much FUN. what a life, what a legacy.

TalkingPicsTV: Tonight there’s one more star in the sky, Dame Angela Lansbury ended her ‘tale as old as time’. Thank you dear Angela and Rest In Peace.

NASA: Tale as old as time True as it can be In memory of Angela Lansbury, we offer this cosmic rose plucked by our Spitzer Space Telescope.

kevinddaly: Angela Lansbury and Bea Arthur revisiting "Bosom Buddies" from Mame on the 1987 Tonys = instant serotonin

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