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David H. Morton (February 21, 1886 – June 13, 1957) was an American poet.Born in Elkton, Kentucky, he graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1909. Morton played on the varsity football team. After a decade of newspaper work, starting at the Louisville Courier-Journal, he became a teacher in the high school at Morristown, New Jersey. Beginning in 1924, he taught at Amherst College.His work appeared in Harper's Magazine. He is noted for having written a fan letter to Dashiell Hammett.


Golden Rose Award

National Arts Club Prize



"The Kings Are Passing Deathward", Poetry X

Poems: 1920-1945. A.A. Knopf. 1945.

Poems of a Lifetime. Watermark Press. 1999. ISBN 978-1-58235-075-2.
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  • The Kings Are Passing Deathward
    The Kings are passing deathward in the dark
    Of days that had been splendid where they went;
    Their crowns are captive and their courts are stark
    Of purples that are ruinous, now, and rent....
  • Symbol
    My faith is all a doubtful thing,
    Wove on a doubtful loom,-
    Until there comes, each showery spring,
    A cherry-tree in bloom;...
  • Old Ships
    There is a memory stays upon old ships,
    A weightless cargo in the musty hold,-
    Of bright lagoons and prow-caressing lips,
    Of stormy midnights,-and a tale untold....
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