Hoops Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Blue and pink sashesA
Criss cross shoesB
Minna and Stella run out into the gardenC
To play at hoopD
Up and down the garden paths they raceE
In the yellow sunshineF
Each with a big round hoopD
White as a stripped willow wandG
Round and round turn the hoopsH
Their diamond whiteness cleaving the yellow sunshineF
The gravel crunches and squeaks beneath themI
And a large pebble springs them into the airJ
To go whirling for a foot or twoK
Before they touch the earth againL
In a series of little jumpsM
Spring HoopsH
Spit out a shower of blue and white brightnessN
The little criss cross shoes twinkle behind youK
The pink and blue sashes flutter like flagsO
The hoop sticks are ready to beat youK
Turn turn Hoops In the yellow sunshineF
Turn your stripped willow whitenessN
Along the smooth pathsP
Stella singsQ
Round and round rolls my hoopD
Scarcely touching the groundR
With a swoopD
And a boundR
Round and roundR
With a bumpety crunching scattering soundR
Down the garden it fliesS
In our eyesS
The sun liesS
See it spinT
Out and inT
Through the paths it goes whirlingU
About the beds curlingU
Sway now to the loopD
Faster faster my hoopD
Round you comeV
Up you comeV
Quick and straight as beforeW
Run run my hoop runC
Away from the sunC
And the great hoop bounds along the pathX
Leaping into the wind bright airJ
Minna singsQ
Turn hoopD
Burn hoopD
Twist and twineF
Hoop of mineF
Flash alongY
Leap alongY
Right at the sunC
Run hoop runC
Faster and fasterZ
Whirl twirlA2
Wheel like fireZ
And spin like glassB2
Fire's no whiterZ
Glass is no brighterZ
Over and overZ
About and aboutD2
With the top of you underZ
And the bottom at topE2
But never a stopE2
Turn about hoop to the tap of my stickF2
I follow behind youK
To touch and remind youK
Burn and glitter so white and quickF2
Round and round to the tap of a stickF2
The hoop flies along between the flower bedsG2
Swaying the flowers with the wind of its passingU
Beside the foxglove border roll the hoopsH
And the little pink and white bells shake and jingleH2
Up and down their tall spiresI2
They roll under the snow ball bushJ2
And the ground behind them is strewn with white petalsK2
They swirl round a cornerZ
And jar a bee out of a Canterbury bellL2
They cast their shadows for an instantM2
Over a bed of pansiesN2
Catch against the spurs of a columbineF
Jostle the quietness from a cluster of monk's hoodO2
Pat Pat behind them come the little criss cross shoesB
And the blue and pink sashes stream out in flappings of colourZ
Stella singsQ
Hoop hoopD
Roll alongY
Faster bowl alongY
Slow to the turningU
Now go GoP2
Here's the stickF2
Rat a tap tap itQ2
Pat it flap itQ2
Fly like a bird or a yellow backed beeR2
See how soon you can reach that treeR2
Here is a path that is perfectly straightS2
Roll along hoop or we shall be lateS2
Minna singsQ
Trip about slip about whip aboutD2
Wheel like a top at its quickest spinT
Then dear hoop we shall surely winT
First to the greenhouse and then to the wallT2
Circle and circleH2
And let the wind push youK
Poke youK
Brush youK
And not let you fallT2
Whirring you round like a wreath of mistU2
Hoopety hoopD
Tap Tap go the hoop sticksV2
And the hoops bowl along under a grape arbourZ
For an instant their willow whiteness is greenW2
Pale white greenW2
Then they are out in the sunshineF
Leaving the half formed grape clustersX2
A tremble under their big leavesY2
I will beat you Minna cries StellaZ2
Hitting her hoop smartly with her stickF2
Stella Stella we are winning calls MinnaZ2
As her hoop curves round a bed of clove pinksA3
A humming bird whizzes past Stella's earZ
And two or three yellow and black butterfliesS
Flutter startled out of a pillar roseB3
Round and round race the little girlsC3
After their great white hoopsH
Suddenly Minna stopsD3
Her hoop wavers an instantM2
But she catches it up on her stickF2
Listen StellaZ2
Both the little girls are listeningU
And the scents of the garden rise up quietly about themI
It's the chaise It's FatherZ
Perhaps he's brought us a book from BostonC
Twinkle twinkle the little criss cross shoesB
Up the garden pathX
Blue pink an instant against the syringa hedgeE3
But the hoops white as stripped willow wandsF3
Lie in the grassB2
And the grasshoppers jump back and forthG3
Over themI

Amy Lowell


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