Amit Bahadut Soul Poems

  • 1.
    Soul's romance
    I unearthed a secret recently
    My soul romances death clandestinely
    Death creeps stealthily from a window
  • 2.
    The sky has no limit
    Let me spread my wings
    To fly high and joyfully sing
    The soft blue carpet above
  • 3.
    Sing me a song that holds the truth
    Integrity floats ,play me that flute
    A guitar with chords to bind our hearts
    A drum whose beats makes sadness depart
  • 4.
    Broken hearts
    Night has wrapped skies again
    Silence has re-entered in the frame
    Another defeat waits in the lane
  • 5.
    My haven is up there on a hill top
    Where a little house awaits for me
    The sprawling woods whistle there
    And the tune sets the soul free
  • 6.
    Floating soul
    Falling into deep dark abyss
    Failing to pull myself out
    Its depth of death
  • 7.
    Skies let ur tears drench me tonight
    Pour it more ,down to the core
    Drown me now with no shores
    Kill every hope that lights
  • 8.
    The world has hired an assassin
    To end my game
    Smart enough to force me think
    All my thoughts are lame
  • 9.
    Death at my Doorstep

    Knock ! Knock! Who is there?
    Opened & lo! Whom the world scares
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