Amit Bahadut Deep Poems

  • 1.
    An illusionary world is fed in our head
    Where we believe we'll go once we're dead
    The fear so deep has been seeded in us
    One gets terrified to question the fuss
  • 2.
    July poem
    Cries of parched lands have reached the sky
    And to their rescue came the month of July
    Hot ,dry and dusty spell of June is over
  • 3.
    Take me to the grave
    Its the only place I long to be
    Unto the dust my body I gave
    Burry it deep and set me free
  • 4.
    Floating soul
    Falling into deep dark abyss
    Failing to pull myself out
    Its depth of death
  • 5.
    Skies let ur tears drench me tonight
    Pour it more ,down to the core
    Drown me now with no shores
    Kill every hope that lights
  • 6.
    Nobody cares when I cry
    Nobody cares if I die
    Have imprisoned the silvery cascade
    Deep within the eyes
  • 7.
    The carpet green hurt your eye
    You made me bleed the red dye
    Even before when you had evolved
    Have been nurturing then in my love
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