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  • Share My Darkness
    I share my darkness with none
    It is very sacred to me
    It holds my deepest emotion
    And it never reveals to anybody ...
  • Soul's Romance
    Soul's romance
    I unearthed a secret recently
    My soul romances death clandestinely
    Death creeps stealthily from a window ...
  • I Know You'll Come
    I know you'll come raining down the cheeks
    Even in the driest phase you somehow creeps
    The wells of pain never cease to rain
    Drought in the eyes never reigns ...
  • Rain The Reason
    Rain the reason
    Silvery pearls when touch the ground
    Life in full swing can be seen around
    Birds sing, trees swing, flowers bloom ...
  • Why
    An illusionary world is fed in our head
    Where we believe we'll go once we're dead
    The fear so deep has been seeded in us
    One gets terrified to question the fuss ...
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