Mr. Sheets Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The Devil stood before the gateA
Of Heaven He had a single mateA
Behind him in his shadow slunkB
Clay Sheets in a perspiring funkB
'Saint Peter see this season ticket 'C
Said Satan 'pray undo the wicket 'C
The sleepy Saint threw slight regardD
Upon the proffered bit of cardD
Signed by some clerical dead beatsE
'Admit the bearer and Clay Sheets 'C
Peter expanded all his eyesF
''Clay Sheets ' well I'll be damned ' he criesF
'Our couches are of golden cloudG
Nothing of earth is here allowedG
I'll let you in ' he added sheddingB
On Nick a smile 'but not your bedding 'C

Ambrose Bierce


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