An Actor Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Some one 'tis hardly new has oddly saidA
The color of a trumpet's blare is redA
And Joseph Emmett thinks the crimson shameB
On woman's cheek a trumpet note of fameB
The more the red storm rises round her noseC
The more her eyes averted seek her toesC
He fancies all the louder he can hearD
The tube resounding in his spacious earD
And all his varied talents to exertE
Darkens his dullness to display his dirtE
And when the gallery's indecent crowdF
And gentlemen below with hisses loudF
In hot contention these his art to crownG
And those his naked nastiness to drownG
Make such a din that cheeks erewhile aflameB
Grow white and in their fear forget their shameB
With impudence imperial sublimeH
Unmoved the patient actor bides his timeH
Till storm and counter storm are both allayedI
Like donkeys each by t'other one outbrayedI
When all the place is silent as a mouseJ
One slow suggestive gesture clears the houseJ

Ambrose Bierce


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