When you seek someone
to share your heaviness
I will exhault in your success
and cry in your dejection
when you will stretch out your arms to embrace me
and I shall say, 'I am not here,
now it is time to leave and I am going dear!'

I shall become a breeze
and in the dark night
I shall caress your face
I will play with your hairs
I will breathe you in
and my voice will echo within you
each time your heart beats
and you will think of me
till late into the night
and I shall whisper into your ears
" sleep dear, sleep ."

And when you open your eyes
you will not find me lying beside
you search for me
but you will not find me there
I shall become the first ray of sun
and kiss your forehead
and whisper into your ears
' Good morning dear!

In parties and festivals
people giggle and laugh and sing and dance
and you will feel lonely
they come to you and ask
"why are you sad? where are you lost?"
and when they ask you about me,
you will tell them sweetly,
"She is with me every time I close my eyes."

(c) Uzma Parveen