Grass Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The world is all one smother of grassA
Waves of it rolling deep and greenB
Clothing the paddocks gentle slopeC
Laughing the brown tree trunks betweenB
And some are praising the brilliant flowersD
The beauty of foliage as they passA
But I am drinking its glory inE
And thanking the Lord for grass for grassA
The air is a murmur with rippling soundF
From jubilant creeks long fed with rainG
Singing of drought and travail pastH
And a bounteous earth drown young againI
An earth that is telling its thankfulnessA
With passionate rapture too deep for wordsA
In acres and acres of waving grassA
Haven of promise to starving herdsA
There s a tangle of bloom in its moist green shadeJ
Mottled yam flowers and gentians blueK
Small white stars that are honey sweetL
And nodding bluebells all drenched with dewK
And oh The breath of its incense rareM
As the summer breezes over it passA
My heart is thrilling with voiceless prayerM
And thanking the Giver of things for grassA

Alice Guerin Crist


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