Christmas Welcome Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Under the wintry skiesA
Sundered from home and kinB
With patience and love in her eyesA
Mary is journeyingC
The angels keep watch and wardD
And Joseph is there to guardE
But there is no room at the innB
No room in the inns of LifeF
No place for Christ the KingC
Through the Heavens with joy are rifeF
Where worshipping angels singC
In palace and street and martG
In the worlds great pagan heartG
There is no welcomingC
But in far cathedrals dimH
Where Christmas lilies bloomI
Mid incense and holy hymnH
And tapers lighting the gloomI
Where the Christmas crib is laidJ
And children come unafraidJ
His own are finding Him roomI
Here the humble ones of the earthK
The poor and the sorely triedL
Are waiting the dear Lord s birthK
And their arms are open wideL
And Mary will find them graceM
Who makes for Her child a placeM
In their hearts this Christmas tideL

Alice Guerin Crist


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