Ring Out , Wild Bells Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Ring out wild bells to the wild skyA
The flying cloud the frosty lightB
The year is dying in the nightB
Ring out wild bells and let him dieA
Ring out the old ring in the newC
Ring happy bells across the snowD
The year is going let him goD
Ring out the false ring in the trueC
Ring out the grief that saps the mindE
For those that here we see no moreF
Ring out the feud of rich and poorG
Ring in redress to all mankindE
Ring out a slowly dying causeH
And ancient forms of party strifeI
Ring in the nobler modes of lifeI
With sweeter manners purer lawsJ
Ring out the want the care the sinK
The faithless coldness of the timesL
Ring out ring out my mournful rhymesL
But ring the fuller minstrel inK
Ring out false pride in place and bloodM
The civic slander and the spiteB
Ring in the love of truth and rightB
Ring in the common love of goodN
Ring out old shapes of foul diseaseO
Ring out the narrowing lust of goldP
Ring out the thousand wars of oldP
Ring in the thousand years of peaceQ
Ring in the valiant man and freeR
The larger heart the kindlier handS
Ring out the darkness of the landS
Ring in the Christ that is to beR

Alfred Lord Tennyson


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Marianne: It reminds me of the New Years of my childhood.

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