In Memoriam A. H. H. Obiit Mdcccxxxiii: Introduction Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Strong Son of God immortal LoveA
Whom we that have not seen thy faceB
By faith and faith alone embraceB
Believing where we cannot proveC
Thine are these orbs of light and shadeD
Thou madest Life in man and bruteE
Thou madest Death and lo thy footF
Is on the skull which thou hast madeD
Thou wilt not leave us in the dustG
Thou madest man he knows not whyH
He thinks he was not made to dieH
And thou hast made him thou art justG
Thou seemest human and divineI
The highest holiest manhood thouJ
Our wills are ours we know not howJ
Our wills are ours to make them thineI
Our little systems have their dayK
They have their day and cease to beL
They are but broken lights of theeL
And thou O Lord art more than theyK
We have but faith we cannot knowM
For knowledge is of things we seeL
And yet we trust it comes from theeL
A beam in darkness let it growM
Let knowledge grow from more to moreN
But more of reverence in us dwellO
That mind and soul according wellO
May make one music as beforeN
But vaster We are fools and slightP
We mock thee when we do not fearQ
But help thy foolish ones to bearR
Help thy vain worlds to bear thy lightP
Forgive what seem'd my sin in meL
What seem'd my worth since I beganS
For merit lives from man to manS
And not from man O Lord to theeL
Forgive my grief for one removedT
Thy creature whom I found so fairR
I trust he lives in thee and thereR
I find him worthier to be lovedU
Forgive these wild and wandering criesV
Confusions of a wasted youthW
Forgive them where they fail in truthW
And in thy wisdom make me wiseV

Alfred Lord Tennyson


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