Alfonso X El Sabio Poems

  • 1.
    O que foi passar a serra
    e non quis servir a terra,
    é ora, entrant' a guerra,
    que faroneja?
  • 2.

    Santa Maria,
  • 3.
    Welcome, O May, yet once again we greet thee!
    So alway praise we her, the Holy Mother,
    Who prays to God that he shall aid us ever
    Against our foes, and to us ever listen.
  • 4.
    Pero que seja a gente
    d'outra lei [e] descreuda,
    os que a Virgen mais aman,
    a esses ela ajuda.
  • 5.
    Ca Eva nos tolleu
    Parays'e Deus
    Ave nos y meteu;
    porend', amigos meus:
  • 6.
    LADY, for the love of God,
    Have some pity upon me!
    See my eyes, a river-flood
    Day and night, oh, see!
  • 7.
    Rose of beauty and fine appearance
    And flower of happiness and pleasure,
    lady of most merciful bearing,
  • 8.
    THE strange intelligence then reached my ears
    That in the land of Egypt lived a man,
    Who, wise of wit, subjected to his scan
    The dark occurrences of uncome years;
  • 9.
    Just as the name of the Virgin is beautiful to the virtuous,
    so against evil doers it is mighty and fearful.
    Concerning this, a miracle happened in the land of Catalonia to a minstrel who sang well, with grace and ease, earning a good living, he came to lodge in the house of a greedy knight
    Just as the name of the Virgin is beautiful to the virtuous,
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