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akmalalqudsiyyi: The astronomic tables of Alfonso X el Sabio. The examples of the Maritime Museum of Madrid

sattestspain: john sommers math teacher at harvard is in alfonso x el sabio talking with students about all the advantages they will gain if accepted in harvard.. harvard comes to murcia once a year to alfonso x where the top students of murcia other school private public ranks

SimonDoubleday: We haven't seen such a close conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn since March 1226, when Alfonso X "el Sabio" was four years old. A digitized manuscript of the "Alfonsine Tables" can be downloaded here.

JessicaKnauss: HAPPY 799th BIRTHDAY to Alfonso X el Sabio! This wise king put Seven Noble Knights in his History of Spain because it was essential reading for all upstanding citizens! Celebrate preorder for 0.99:

TheConfessios: “Old wood to burn! Old wine to drink! Old friends to trust! Old authors to read.” -Alfonso X el Sabio

ugur_muluk: “Burn old logs. Drink old wine. Read old books. Keep old friends.” -Alfonso X of Spain, also known as El Sabio.

cristinaprietox: activewear but cute 'cause life is too short to wear uncomfy clothes en Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio

ECAI2020: Second musical piece, from s. XIII, in Galician: “Quando eu vejo las ondas”. Music for these lyrics has not been preserved until today, but the group has made a composition based on the music of the “Cantigas de Santa María” (Alfonso X el Sabio).

_like_its_1989: Biggest artists of each century: 1100s Hildegard Von Bingen 1200s Alfonso X El Sabio 1300s Guillaume Dufay 1400s Cristobal de Morales 1500s Claudio Monteverdi 1600s Johann Sebastian Bach 1700s Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1800s Ludwig Van Beethoven 1900s The Beatles 2000s Taylor Swift

raulrey0: The correct answer to the quiz question that will include this song; I Thought About Killing You

Extrachelle: "If God had consulted me before embarking on the Creation, I would have suggested something simpler." - Alfonso X (El Sabio) of Castile

hisdates: July - 01, 1252 - King Alfonso X "el Sabio" of Castil/ eon crowned on July - 01.

VerePassum: I just found out Alfonso X el Sabio is not a saint? I’m feeling personally attacked

N3v3rForg3t14: "Burn old logs. Drink old wine. Read old books. Keep old friends." - Alfonso X of Spain, El Sabio "the wise"

DjoeGio: Ik lees net in ‘Skin in the Game’ van Nassim Nicholas Taleb: “Alfonso X, nicknamed El Sabio, ‘the wise’, had as a maxim: Burn old logs. Drink old wine. Read old books. Keep old friends”.

aafarhoodi: Burn old logs. Drink old wine. Read old books. Keep old friends. Alfonso X, 'El Sabio'

neogranandino: That's only cuz Alfonso X El Sabio keeps getting ignored.

singapormurcia: university of murcia math contest online yesterday .ies alfonso x el sabio wins again. in 2017 they won in 2018 they won again .they didnt win in 2019 .now in 2020 the contest of april they have won again.. the best school in murcia for kids who want to be doctors.

Quedlinberg: If you're board and want to listen to some music, here's a list of my favorite composers: Jarzebski Marcello Scarlatti Alfonso X El Sabio Alonso Lobo Cabezon Vivaldi Corelli Galuppi Pekiel Gesualdo Debussy Monteverdi Cimarosa Dionisio Aguado Dufay Mendelssohn

raqueljimee: Sorprendedme

studyknowact: Goodness is diffusive of itself. (Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio, Spain)

kerstronomy: Alfonso X el sabio be hitting different tho

murciaswim: murcia alfonso x el sabio .educate to be better citizens happier . dont let others tell you are successful if you have this or that. YOU DECIDE. be a doctor lawyer policeofficer cook dentist teacher.or work in the corte ingles selling ties. all are SUCCESSFUL AMBITIOUS

laazohiaairbnb: congratulations to Murcia spain Isabel Suarez.. the university of oxford offers her a full 5 year scholarship in micro biology..she prepared her A LEVELS in

laazohiaairbnb: Harvard university in Murcia every year to recruit students from the top high schools in the region. here is Gary Kraider in the room at ies Alfonso x el sabio .On the wall he puts pics of nyc and the pillow flag.27 students fight in Alfonso for the 4 becas.

caddington11: obsessed with the fact that the 13th-century legal code of Alfonso X el Sabio explicitly makes provisions for the king’s self-care

neogranandino: This professor is wrong about some stuff (Biblical, Andalusi history, the reign of Alfonso X el Sabio de Castilla) but he's endearing so won't correct him

harvardmurcia: Interchange teachers with ies Alfonso x el sabio Murcia Spain. Bildersee jhs canarsie

FrHilderbrand: Accepting the more ancient date for the creation of the universe as proposed by Alfonso X el Sabio.

wrathofgnon: “Those who knowingly allow the King to err deserve the same punishment as traitors.” — Alfonso X el Sabio

mrodriguezarn: The rarely seen document - an original fourteenth-century manuscript copy of a text written by Alfonso X el Sabio, King of León and Castile in the 1270s - is part of the first major vernacular history of Spain written in Spanish.

Jimmy_Rosen: 10) Taleb quotes a nice maxim that epitomizes the Lindy effect. From Alfonso X of Spain, or El Sabio, “Burn old logs. Drink old wine. Read old books. Keep old friends.”: SITG

expert463: Musica Ficta - Cantiga 181 Alfonso X El Sabio

RameshK__: From the 1972 recording Cantigas de Santa Maria: medieval verse and music in the court of Alfonso X El Sabio, that was the Waverly Consort, directed by Michael Jaffee."

neogranandino: I wish Alfonso X El Sabio de Castilla were canonized

alejandrocoutt: Alfonso X of Spain, nicknamed El Sabio, “the wise”, had as a maxim: burn old logs. Drink old wine. Read old books. Keep old friends

BiruniKhorasan: "El Libro de los Juegos" ("Book of Games") was a book commissioned by the Spanish king Alfonso X el Sabio ("The Wise") in 1283. The book consists of ninety-seven leaves of parchment and contains 150 miniatures.

Hedolias: Marvel: infinity war is the most ambitious crossover event in history physics: F.J. Ynduráin citing a Alfonso X el Sabio in a QCD book about the complexity of the Ptolemaic system of epicicles.

mauricealvarado: While translating a book on King Alfonso X's Cantigas and Legal Corpus I find myself with a beautiful musical tradition: Cantigas de Santa Maria by Alfonso X El Sabio, Esther Lamandier

satexammurcia: hello to David Sandoval from Murcia. scholarship 4 years to Boston university to study international studies and law.. in sept you say bye Alfonso x el sabio ies in Murcia. and go to america.. we are inglesgarantizado..your teachers

hisdates: July - 01, 1252 - On this day in history king Alfonso X "el Sabio" of Castil/ eon crowned

laazohiaingles: Murcia Spain bravo a Alfonso x el sabio. The best school for children who wantvto speak English AND be good people.ethics mindfulness and math in English.

neogranandino: Family Inheritence Trust Fund drama is over. Thank God. Prayed to Saint Louis IX of France and (should be Saints) HRE Carlos V and Alfonso X el Sabio de Castilla for divine intervention.

satexammurcia: Alfonso x el sabio the best school in Murcia for children according to rankstats.. objective measure of school quality.. not the opinión of parents or teachers… rankstats is an external measure of opportunity ..

AllenOvery: We've advised CVC on the financing of its investment in Spain's Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio

AmERiCaNMuRciA5: local government in Murcia votes ies Alfonso x el sabio as best school for children….again.. in 2018 and 2019-- best international school. best english school.. only German school. best pre med school.

ricotespain: el mundo spain best international school in murcia ies alfonso x el sabio.. the parents who pay 1200 a month in the private schools that are number 2 and 4 are asking WTF..seems the govt school beats them in resources teachers and funding. international school murcia.

bilderseejhs: Alfonso X el sabio Murcia, one of the top schools in “The best schools i...

AmERiCaNMuRciA5: pedro sanchez comes to Alfonso x el sabio and capuchinos in Murcia. the best 2 schools where he Will plan out the future for Murcia.

ricotespain: Partido Popular leaders murcia come to alfonso x el sabio ies to talk about the future in murcia. after to jesus maria colegio to discuss where politicians grow up and how to enter this profession.

AmERiCaNMuRciA5: we need american teachers in Murcia in 6 schools. capuchinos ceu san pablo san Jorge nuestro padre jesus maria. Alfonso x el sabio. we dont need british teachers. students want scholarships. to top universities in the world and europe

ricotespain: murcia alfonso x el sabio singapore and harvard math classes. the best methos with

laazohiaingles: south shore high school canarsie Brooklyn new york has been accepted into the interchange with Alfonso x el sabio Murcia high school. in sept 2019 37 students from Brooklyn Will live in spain and 37 from Murcia Will live in

AmERiCaNMuRciA5: best school in murcia spain. alfonso x el sabio. best for getting kids into medicine at the university in madrid murcia london new york. best for english also. check it out here..

studyknowact: Goodness is diffusive of itself. (Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio, Spain)

americanmurcia: the best school for children in Murcia. 7 years in a row according to the spain govt .the Harvard rankstats and the Oxford school list Alfonso x el sabio is the best in all Murcia. many private expensive schools Will lie and say they are

la_azohia: Alfonso x el sabio murcia. Best English language school .wins again beca Harvard scholarship top in all Spain

Epopteia: Tremendously rich life of the so called Alfonso X el Sabio, who ordered translations of all arab literary and scien...

ricotespain: mejor colegio murcia best school for children in murcia.again..4 times since 2011.. alfonso x el sabio . english la...

bilderseejhs: best english language school for children murcia. number 1 in preparing children to be accepted and succeed in medi...

bilderseejhs: best english language school for children murcia. number 1 in preparing children to be accepted and succeed in medi...

bilderseejhs: murcia spain pet b1 exam english. twins from liceo frances pass .. inglesgarantizado is in liceo frances to prepare...

_miNaxral: Flop! Anyways stream Cantigas de Santa Maria by Alfonso X El Sabio

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