Dear Sister.
This is for you. A reminder that you’re Brave, Strong and Amazing.

In our world we are the weak and irrational,
In our world we are the hopeless lovers,
Our care and loyalty are misunderstood for weakness,
By mankind, we are used and taken advantage of.
Our patience and forgiveness are taken for granted.

They bled me to the ground,
Watched my face bleed/drown in tears,
broke my soul into eternal misery,
Covered my graves and forgot me.

I looked up and cried to the Heavens,
With a little prayer, I consoled my sins and believed I was forgiven
With hope that the great will rescue me from my hurt and fears,
And that he may protect my sanity.

As I was at the feet of hopelessness
I remembered the warmth of my mother’s voice,
And only that, gave me gave me courage.

It gave me strength and hope
Strength to fight
Strength to shine
Strength to rise high above mountains and fight the evil that I ran into
Because I am a conqueror,
and I am my father’s daughter.