The Prophet Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Longing for spiritual springsA
I dragged myself through desert sandsB
An angel with three pairs of wingsA
Arrived to me at cross of landsB
With fingers so light and slimC
He touched my eyes as in a dreamD
And opened my prophetic eyesE
Like eyes of eagle in surpriseE
He touched my ears in movement singleF
And they were filled with noise and jingleF
I heard a shuddering of heavensG
And angels' flight on azure heightsH
And creatures' crawl in long sea nightsH
And rustle of vines in distant valleysI
And he bent down to my chinJ
And he tore off my tongue of sinJ
In cheat and idle talks arousedK
And with his hand in bloody specksL
He put the sting of wizard snakesM
Into my deadly stoned mouthN
With his sharp sword he cleaved my breastO
And plucked my quivering heart outP
And coals flamed with God's behestO
Into my gaping breast were groundQ
Like dead I lay on desert sandsB
And listened to the God's commandsB
'Arise O prophet hark and seeR
Be filled with utter My demandsB
And going over Land and SeaR
Burn with your Word the humane hearts 'S

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin


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