Sandys Ghost ; A Proper Ballad On The New Ovid's Metamorphosis Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Ye Lords and Commons Men of WitA
And Pleasure about TownB
Read this ere you translate one BitA
Of Books of high RenownB
Beware of Latin Authors allC
Nor think your Verses SterlingD
Though with a Golden Pen you scrawlC
And scribble in a BerlinE
For not the Desk with silver NailsF
Nor Bureau of ExpenseG
Nor standish well japann'd availsG
To writing of good SenseG
Hear how a Ghost in dead of NightH
With saucer Eyes of FireI
In woeful wise did sore affrightH
A Wit and courtly 'SquireI
Rare Imp and Phoebus hopeful YouthJ
Like Puppy tame that usesG
To fetch and carry in his MouthK
The Works of all the MusesG
Ah why did he write PoetryI
That hereto was so civilL
And sell his soul for vanityI
To Rhyming and the DevilL
A Desk he had of curious WorkM
With glittering Studs aboutH
Within the same did Sandys lurkM
Though Ovid lay withoutH
Now as he scratch'd to fetch up ThoughtH
Forth popp'd the Sprite so thinE
And from the Key hole bolted outH
All upright as a PinE
With Whiskers Band and PantaloonN
And Ruff composed most dulyI
This 'Squire he dropp'd his Pen full soonN
While as the Light burnt bluelyI
Ho Master Sam quoth Sandys' spriteH
Write on nor let me scare yeI
Forsooth if Rhymes fall in not rightH
To Budgell seek or CareyI
I hear the Beat of Jacob's DrumsG
Poor Ovid finds no QuarterI
See first the merry Pembroke comesG
In Haste without his GarterI
Then Lords and Lordlings 'Squires and KnightsG
Wits Witlings Prigs and PeersG
Garth at St James's and at White'sG
Beats up for VolunteersG
What Fenton will not do nor GayO
Nor Congreve Rowe nor StanyanN
Tom Burnet or Tom D'Urfey mayO
John Dunton Steele or any oneN
If Justice Philips' costive headH
Some frigid Rhymes disbursesG
They shall like Persian Tales be readH
And glad both Babes and NursesG
Let Warwick's Muse with Ashurst joinN
And Ozell's with Lord Hervey'sG
Tickell and Addison combineN
And P pe translate with JervasG
Landsdowne himself that lively LordH
Who bows to every LadyI
Shall join with Frowde in one AccordH
And be like Tate and BradyI
Ye Ladies too draw forth your penN
I pray where can the hurt lieI
Since you have Brains as well as MenN
As witness Lady WortleyI
Now Tonson list thy Forces allI
Review them and tell NosesG
For to poor Ovid shall befalI
A strange MetamorphosisG
A Metamorphosis more strangeP
Than all his Books can vapourI
'To what' quoth 'squire 'shall Ovid change '-
Quoth Sandys To waste paperI

Alexander Pope


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