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Alexander Pope Books, Alexander Pope poetry book Pope's Dunciad of 1728 Authors: Alexander Pope, David L. Vander Meulen
Publisher: University of Virginia Press
Published Date: 1991
Categories: Literary Criticism
The poem Alexander Pope published as The Dunciad in 1728 was the core of the chef d'oeuvre that occupied him for at least half his life. After finally bringing the work to publishable form, he continually revised it and issued it in four major versions that appeared in nearly three dozen seperated editions.

Alexander Pope Books, Alexander Pope poetry book The Dunciad Authors: Alexander Pope
Publisher: The Floating Press
Published Date: 2016-10-01
Categories: Poetry
Fans of literary lampoonery will delight in the no-holds-barred, scorched-earth satire that British poet Alexander Pope unleashes in his witty masterpiece, The Dunciad. Disgusted by the teeming waves of self-proclaimed "writers" who emerged in search of a quick buck when the growing availability of cheaply printed books made sentimental stories popular with the public, Pope took it upon himself to put these hacks in their place in an epic poem lambasting their dullness and lack of refinement.

Alexander Pope Books, Alexander Pope poetry book The Major Works of Alexander Pope Authors: Alexander Pope
Publisher: Digireads.com Publishing
Published Date: 2010-01-01
Categories: Literary Collections
Alexander Pope (1688-1744) was a gifted poet, literary critic and translator of the Augustan Age, whose powerful poetic satire and perfection of the English heroic couplet makes him one of the most famous and respected poets of all time. Pope embodied eighteenth-century neoclassical ideals like order, beauty, sophisticated wit, and refined moral sentiment. Included in this collection is "The Rape of The Lock," a satirical poem that mocks ancient epics, one of Pope's most famous works. Also included is "An Essay on Man," a work that met immediate acclaim throughout Europe upon publication, and is still renowned today. In this work, Pope attempts to "vindicate the ways of God to man" (I. 16). Additionally, "The Major Works of Alexander Pope" also includes "The Dunciad," a work regarded as a literary landmark in satirical writing, personifying Dullness as a goddess and the harm she causes to the kingdom of Great Britain.

Alexander Pope Books, Alexander Pope poetry book The Poems of Alexander Pope: The Dunciad (1728) & The Dunciad Variorum (1729) Authors: Alexander Pope
Publisher: Pearson Education
Published Date: 2007
Categories: Literary Criticism
This new addition to the celebrated Longman Annotated English Poets Series will become the gold standard edition of Pope's most significant poem, The Dunciad. Best available scholarly edition of Pope?s most significant poem Substantial annotations clarify the references and literary allusions in the poetry Pope is studied on every traditional (and most non-traditional) English literature degree in the world

Alexander Pope Books, Alexander Pope poetry book The Major Works Authors: Alexander Pope, Pat Rogers
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Published Date: 2008-10-09
Categories: Literary Collections
Features selections of the author's prose and poems, including the full texts of "The Dunciad," "The Rape of the Lock," and "Peri Bathous."

Alexander Pope Books, Alexander Pope poetry book Essay on Man and Other Poems Authors: Alexander Pope
Publisher: Courier Corporation
Published Date: 2012-04-27
Categories: Poetry
In addition to the acclaimed title poem, this collection includes "The Rape of the Lock," "Ode on Solitude," "The Dying Christian to His Soul," "An Essay on Criticism," "Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot" and many others.

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